Denial on the dashboard

Mary Poppins came from a state of denial. Many works that we hold in great esteem are based on tragic events in our life that help us cope. When the warning light on the dash goes off it is only a matter of time when denial finds us in the reality of the side of the road waiting for a tow. Eventually we deal with reality once we get to the garage. The grieving process starts with the state of denial that leads to escapism, anger and goes to depression. The cycle of the states of our emotions has often been linked to the DEAD SEA Syndrome. That study goes through each emotion and brings us to the banks of the sea that has no outlets. In this study in working with men, I have experienced that helpless feeling of man versus automobile, himself and God, eventulally towed in to the garage where truth and cost meets the emotional state as well as other men who are going through similar realities. The state of anger many times leads to self medication or addictions as I have discovered in the last fifteen years.

As a composer I have found examples of chord progressions that work as a chordal acrostic. DEAD in a progression is pretty dreary you might think. What is interesting is from the heart of a psalmist the images and the chords integrate in an interesting way.

Write down images of denial, escapism, addictions, and depression.

Some write denial is a fantasy that takes us away from seeing ourselves in the mirror. A light comes on, we fail to respond, hard concrete, stone cold dirt brown clouds, in my heart polution.

Escapism, from the real separated into deals. Its a deception unchecked by a fool. Like a proverb it begs you to listen you may stay but your mind has decided to go. Its where the mind tells the heart what the green wants the red to know.

Many are self afflicted by an anger that gets us addicted to thing we dont understand the fall of everyman who battles the world. Slipping inside of ourselves, leaving our dreams on the shelf. It leads to a pale yellow baloon as we close up the room.

Chorus but there is nothing that can overtake you that you cannot face.
No weed of sin or places youve been that you cannot handle with him. This is grace in the face of our sin.

We all have faced our oppressions that bring us to the state of the blues. We all have been in your shoes. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose…they say that joy will come in the morning, I guess thats all in how we handle bad news.

Brown cloud that surounds us, greens bleed to red, pale yellow of addictions as the room turns blue…

Write down colors associated with those images.

What are some of the things you are imagining to delay facing now?

What escape routes have you taken in the past?

What are the things that set you off towards addictions and anger?

What makes you depressed.

Truth a movement that “gets” Jesus

I sit in my office and realize that the study I have done on the utterances of the assertion, “I tell you the truth,” is nothing short of a breakthrough that will lead to a movement -a “truth movement.” It is truth that people are hungry for, and truth that people are thirsty for. So in our work it is not only good enough to be a Truth Network, or even to create and usher in a “truth experience;” but to be an interactive ministry that brings up leaders that communicate truth in every aspect of life.
I don’t care if I have to work 120 hours a week to make this my life work! We have gone past the substance of the Truth Project! We have turned the corner of a “moral majority” and a “religious right.” We are on the verge of bringing an advent of a new hope; a new peace; a new love; and a new joy in His message of truth; in His mission of love; and His music of joy.
So we engage the culture through media.
Now we captivate our communities with the idea of setting policy
And we take back the territory by living a life of character and humility in business; in our choices and we help people through training and equipping them to serve.
When our foundation is truth, and our Word is Biblical, we are seeking God’s will and mindset. When our frame is love and our walk is intentional, we are following a Christ-like approach.
When our power of our engine is filled and refilled by the Holy Spirit, His Truth will march on.
His Truth is marching on when we are friends in fellowship and we reach out to those with developmental disabilities because they have great value in God’s eyes and they need a community to come alongside them more than ever. They can teach us far more about love and faith than we can teach them.
His Truth is marching on from the writers and reporters of our life and times and how we approach each story with The Truth Experience and our affiliates.
His Truth is marching on when we define the issues of our time to protect our family values; God’s creation of marriage between one man and one woman; when life begins; and that we should be good stewards of the earth that God created. He made us in “His image.”  He made us to care for one another; and to speak truth in each other’s lives. He made us to think! He made us to seek truth; and He made us to love Him-and one another. Truth is a movement; and it is absolute and we will tell the truth in every story we write and report; every script we create; every program we produce and every statement that we make. Truth in Media; Truth in Serving and Truth in Action will be shouted from the Mountain top- and His Truth is moving; a movement where His Truth is marching on.
Richard Beattie

Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising

DENVER/COS – Just a few years ago we hit upon something that we didn’t really expect. We found that by placing radio commercials on streams of the top Clear Channel stations we could save our clients thousands of dollars by buying up inventory that was unsold; and reach more people than streams ever did before.This happens in New York; Detroit; Los Angeles; DC; Denver and Miami; Dallas and Seattle. By using this strategy our clients realized that the results of those campaigns had long lasting results and at 10 cents on the dollar. What’s even more surprising is that we developed a subscription service; added an online store and a ministry resource center that was part consumer review and a store that we co-op syndication dollars through small retainer fees versus commissions on product sold from the resource center. To find out how this works please call Richard Beattie 720.295.7713 or e-mail Go Spot Go is part of the new Truth Experience where we stream the next wave of Teach-Talk programs.