Summer Missions Guide to Denver 2011

The guide to Summer Urban Missions in Denver 2011 will be published beginning the 
first of June. The guide gives the Summer missionary a daily devotion, activities and 
gives some background on what we are praying for; what our motive is, what our approach 
and strategy will be and where we can receive strength and power to be effective in 

Mission Activities 

At Ancient Paths we have expanded our mission map this year to reach special needs 
populations; and have added the Washington Park area on Wednesdays. We will have more 
than double the mission teams and we will continue to reach kids in the Elyria Park 
Neighborhood with programs, vacation Bible School as well as to do service and work 
projects in this area. Prayer walking from Emerson and Colfax down to the State Capitol 
will be another feature that has always been popular. 

A special church for people with special needs 

On Wednesday morning we invite you to work with us at Friendship Fellowship Church at 
Washington Park Chapel. There you will meet our congregation of about 12 people with 
intellectual disabilities (there are a total of around 40. There are also counselors, 
caregivers, visitors and mentors who always join us on Wednesdays and so they will 
welcome you. We are doing a unit of praise and worship that is finishing with the works 
of the Prophets in the Old Testament. Later Missions teams will help us work on a unit 
highlighting Jesus the Savior. 

The guide will help you discover the fun parts of missions - eating picnics and cultural 
events. Music, Praise and Worship will also be part of the Mission  Guide. Thanks for 
working with us!

Ways to get involved with Friendship Fellowship

Friendship Family Chapels

A special church for people with special needs

Dear Friends,


I am pleased to announce that Friendship Fellowship at Washington Park Chapel is celebrating our first anniversary. God has accomplished more than I know I ever could in reaching a core congregation of 40 friends, 4 counselors, mobilizing 7 missionaries  and becoming a small community in Denver.

Word and Spirit

One of the best things that happened from June last year to June 2011 is  studying God’s Word together, forming close knit relationships, and a constant outreach to people with intellectual disabilities. This year we were able to complete the first unit of Friendship Ministries’ curriculum, a full study on the Old Testament and the nature of God the Father and his plan for us. Communicating these truths through worship, stories and prayer in a chapel setting and in Friendship Hall enabled everyone who participated to experience Word and Spirit with a “renewing of hearts and minds” and clarity in purpose. (Romans 12:1)

More than a Program

From Friends to Mentors to Pastors and Leaders, Friendship is more than a program for people with intellectual disabilities.  Our main source of friends comes from an adult day program called Roundup Fellowship. Each one of our friends has a choice on Wednesdays to where they will spend their time. Staff members tell me that the moist requested choice is Friendship!  Our mission is “to be advocates to the least of these building up leaders to be advocates to the least of these”—because that is what Jesus is. As we begin a new year of Friendship we will be planting Friendship Family Chapel in the Northgate area of Colorado Springs in Sunday nights. This is part of the Word and Spirit Network from Mountain Springs Church. Would you prayerfully consider being part of our team?  Enclosed you will find a brochure and a stamped envelope for your response. Our ministry is by “invitation only.” We invite you to be part of God’s mission in sharing His love for people with intellectual disabilities, we invite agencies, schools, and families to become involved in our mission in Denver and Colorado Springs. I will call you in the coming days to set up a time where we can talk.






Pastor Richard Beattie

Friendship Family Chapels 

Body Parts- Victim identified as Missing Bride

Denver:  A complete makeover is happening starting today.  It actually is a new mindset. This story is purely fiction but it is based on news stories that have a similar theme. On Friday night the TV networks air a recent mystery that surrounds a senseless crime perpetrated by an evil monster. The people left behind are usually victims of their own denial, allowing the unthinkable to happen. The church today can be viewed as an isolated victim who is estranged from the community. Her Real Estate is being sold off; her own morale decay is leaving her vulnerable, and afraid to say anything.


The church is being choked, and strangled and her Gospel message  is being muffled. There is a severing of every denomination, where her buildings are being snapped up on the open market, her cross is being dismantled and replaced by a weather vein for commercial use and little by little her influence is being eroded and left for dead. The parts of the body are strewn between Fire Island and Jones Beach in New York; and her mind and heart have been abused by the evil one throughout the world.

Mindset Theater 

Think of it when you read the headlines of the evil serial killer who leaves victim’s body parts in several locations in your town. The DNA shows that the parts found were of a missing bride who was waiting for her groom to return. Arms, legs, hands, feet, neck and others found by runners, joggers and passers by. Yellow crime tape is seen on Capitol Hill, Park Hill, City Park and Washington Park and the Denver Police want to speak with a man who is  “not a suspect; but a person of interest.”

Coroner’s Pres Conference

The missing woman was known as a someone who owned lots of property and in recent years began selling off her real estate, to night clubs, galleries, restaurants and bars. “She became isolated and estranged from her family and friends,” says Holly Raynor a business acquaintance and  owner of “Holly’s Tattoos” at Alameda and Broadway.  The coroner identified the body as the missing socialite Heidi Church and the cause of death as asphyxiation. Ms. Church was last seen parking her car at Sherman and 10th Street on Easter Sunday. The church family didn’t realize she was missing until almost a week after. “We hadn’t heard from her, but that’s nothing new in our family said Herbert Church, Heidi’s father. “There was a separation”  said the elder Church and “Heidi kept to herself and had little to do with Church family gatherings.”

A Killer on the Loose 

Ms. Church has been engaged to the son of a prominent world leader who is “out of the country” according to sources close to the investigation. The man has been ruled out as a suspect in the brutal killing and officials refuse to identify him. “We have contacted the man and he is obviously shocked at what happened and is offering a reward for the capture and arrest of the murderer.” When asked why the police won’t divulge the name of the man, the chief detective replied, “He doesn’t need to be bothered by the media. He is in mourning and needs time to sort things out.”  The investigation is ongoing and there are several people being questioned including people who had last seen Ms. Church on the 1100 Block of Sherman a few blocks South of the Capitol.


At a press conference this morning a distraught Herbert Church pointed a finger at the community in general, “Here we are wondering who killed Heidi and did this terrible thing. We can point the finger at ourselves. Someone heard something or saw something who needs to come forward.  We, her parents, her family let her down, we didn’t want to interfere, her friends abandoned her, and now she’s gone-lost to evil and darkness. We thought we’d be celebrating a wedding soon, but here we are getting ready for a funeral.” The funeral will be held at one of Ms. Churches former buildings “The Church, Denver’s hottest Nightclub.”

On Tuesday read how Denver police catch a murderer.