Things to do- Monday 06.06.11

To Do: Write the To do list Jingle:

To do: Play this riff on my Takimine: C E Am7 D7 Dm F G7 C

To do: Sing- Hey there –what’s new? Check out the things I have to do. Yeah- here is Monday’s list of things to do! (Rinse and repeat)

Monday! To Do: Try to write the list of things to do before the phone starts ringing- dictating the “things to do list,” for Monday.

To do: Make coffee and Oatmeal muffins.Write a scathing piece on the guy who invented donut holes.

To do: Stop drinking soda-burp.

To do: Talk to Mission Coffee Roasters about what needs to be done for them to move out here to Colorado Springs. Ask them to send more coffee- actually beg them to send more coffee.

To do: Drink more coffee. Send a complaint letter protesting “Chocolate flavored coffee.”

To do: Get the upper hand on the Swallow nests. Send a note to the Swallow coalition and don’t renew their contract for May-June 2012.

To do: Call a Press conference to announce that I have nothing to say- including that I am not running for President of my Glee Club, my homeowners association, or my block party.

To do; Send a suggestion to Ed Bircham, Douglas Bruce in Colorado Springs and suggest they start a new political movement- ‘The Prune Juice party.”

To do: Lower the divorce rate by strengthening my own marriage.

To do: Ask 60 minutes why they are not half the show they use to be. (they were actually good for 40 minutes last night with the story on super computer stock market trading and then the “City of David” story- then I watched 3 minutes of Lady Ga Ga preaching to people with fire coming from her bra.

To do: To write the sequel to We are the World- Part 2

To do: send a birthday card to Bob Dylan.

To do: Give Peace a chance- and give my pea plants a chance.

To do: Take a lesson from the ant. (Proverbs)

To do: Talk to the guy whose Grandfather invented Whiffle Ball.

To do: Create a humid environment in Colorado.

To do: Start working on Tuesday’s list of things to do.

To do: Ask the question if country music is the only musical genre that could write “water-heater” in a song.

Sing: So you decide what you think is true- I will concentrate on my things to do- these are my things to do.


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