The Mentor Languages

Good morning. Welcome to the garage where today we are fixing something that may not smell and taste like one of the mentor languages but it is. When Mountain Springs Church Pastor Steve Holt asks his congregation to read three chapters of the Bible, sing three worship songs and to write three things that God is speaking to you, (although his message was two songs and two things God is saying to you), he neglected to say what he was on (legally-I mean). He gets his French Press prepared in the process and coffee is indeed a part of the hypothesis of his mentor language.

Mission Coffee Roasters

This morning I want to tell you about our devotion from a French Press and tell you a story about a friend of mine named Brett Bixler. Brett recently moved his family, his coffee roaster and his ministry from Baltimore to start a-new in Colorado. No he was not “born in the summer of his 27th year” but the free trade and the organic integrity of roasting and brewing coffee from the mission field can make the three chapters of Bible clearer, the three worship songs sound better, and living out those things that God is speaking to us gives us a little more step and a lot more vision. Sure coffee is not an end all, but when God is in the mix, our morning start is a little easier.

Mentor language

I want to tell you straight out that my “mentor language” tastes more like message, music and mission. I met Brett Bixler by phone and by e-mails in 2004. I was directing and hosting the Envoy Film Festival and was looking for sponsors. Brett loved the idea, got me in touch with a website company and helped with two years of the fest. We became fast friends albeit never met face to face. Recently Brett moved to Colorado to bring his kids into a school system that he and his wife could live with. In the years we have known each other we have spent hours mentoring to one another on business, family and community dreams God has had for us.

I’m glad he is here and if anything happens in the garage one thing is certain- the coffee is great.

Contacting Mission Coffee Roasters

Mission Coffee Roasters Phone: 888-673-4069


Open the mail

I confess the world’s a mess from the President down to the Continental Breakfast,

and I’m inclined to think I’m doing fine- until I open my mail.

I confess my life’s a mess but when I admit  there’s room to get blessed, just a little bread and a little wine, Jesus never fails!

Refrain: (now meanwhile the inner child cries like a baby)

(the dysfunctional child blows away)

(now meanwhile without faith like a child, the mind and the heart will get carried away)

I want to be where the earthquake cannot shake me,

where the winds and the seas will not overtake me,

I want to see your  hand reach out to the common man.

From now on I want to follow your plan.

I confess I read the press, but thank goodness it’s getting less and less.

Most of what I read today can be thrown in the garbage pail.

I confess I need to clean up this mess, where the tears roll down for the father in stress,

who needed to get some things off his chest, like someone’s been reading his mail.

I confess that the man whose depressed, turns out missing more than they leaked in the press,

I remember the day when he made his request from a van that looked like  a jail.

I confess that he’s missing at best, the trace that he leaves is a one of sadness, and in the children he leaves behind, a lament he sent in the mail.

Bridge: Last seen driving alone, in the border town of Raton- he could go either way all I can tell you is pray.

I confess that our happiness, can’t be found in the desires of the flesh. The dead they don’t rise from the ashes unless, you open the mail.

Raton, New Mexico

Stay Calm and Remain Biblical

This week we have been concentrating on mentoring. I want to push off from yesterdays comments regarding forming an elder board of mentors. Since our church is made up of men and women who are dedicated to the study of God’s Word, relationship and fellowship with each other and to people who have special needs/intellectual disabilities, and reaching out to our community we hunker down in study and prayer to begin our time together. We mentor one another to be mentors, we are co-advocates with our friends who have intellectual disabilities.

Friendship for Grownups

I want to clarify what we are doing in “The Garage.” Friendship for men in the garage is a place of accountability. I encourage and are asking women who are in our church to get involved with a woman’s group. Eventually I would like to help start a group of married couples to help with the pastoral and chaplain duties of visitation and counseling to our friends, caregivers and families. Men mentoring men and women mentoring women from the highest point, looking over and praying for our city, obeying the call that God has placed on us, and seeking wise council ABOVE the summit.

Place and Space

Place is an important part of the foundation of the church. When we consider place in the context of Friendship Fellowship we are firm that the place is conducive for both Friendship and Fellowship. Friendship between Friends and Mentors, between Friends and Families, Caregivers and Mentors. The design of the chapel at Community Bible Study is an inviting place of worship, and the message to our friends is that they are “Welcomed in the church” and it is THEIR church. We chose Washington Park Chapel in Denver for the same reasons.

Unplugged Sound

We also chose both facilities for their calmness factor. This is a place where relationships happen, where mentoring is fostered and all out worship in conjunction with all out prayer can happen. So we ask our worship leaders to minister without amplification, and I preach and teach without a microphone.

Stay Calm and remain Biblical!

I love that. In a crisis, in a worship service, at work, at home and during a seizure- “Stay calm and remain Biblical!” While we mentor each other in the garage and the women mentor each other in each others homes, I want to make sure that when the fellowship comes together on Sunday Evening that the elements, the study, the relationships and the outreach are authentic. When Jesus was about to “go in” to times of healing and ministry, he spent hours regenerating the Holy Spirit and praying to His Father.

The Garage- Friendship for Men

If the mentor board needs a verse (and I think with a Biblical Foundation we do) I think that Luke 5:15-16 provides why we renew our minds and hearts in the garage:

“Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that the crowds of people came to hear him and be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

Result Oriented Relationships

Men and women, if we renew our minds and hearts (Romans 12) in the garage, at home, at work or on our daily commutes the God establishes the following conditions:

Luke 5:17 “One day as he was teaching, Pharisees and Teachers of the law, who had come from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem were sitting there. And the power of the Lord was present for him to heal the sick.”

Meanwhile there is a group of men who meet on a regular basis and are devising a way to bring a disabled man to meet Jesus. Our foundational chapter of Friendship Fellowship is found in the story of our friend the paralytic, his mentors, and a powerful healing in adverse conditions.

Invitation to Mentors-Biblical,Systematic and Evangelical

The word “mentor” means a wise and trusted counselor and as we progress in delving into what that means at Friendship Fellowship I want to explore it as a verb and not as a person,place or a thing. Like the word “integrity,”  mentor gets bantered about and misused much more than it should. The word integrity means to live an integrated life that reflects a godly attitude, righteousness, and  purpose at home, at work and in the community. Mentor has some similar qualities since what you build into others is what you build unto the way you would like to be built into. I like the fact that mentor starts with men (although it is not exclusive a male thing..)  But to be sure, a mentor who is a man should be mentoring another man or men.

The “tor”  in Mentor

The “tor” in mentor comes from the word “tor” which is the highest place on a hill or mountain top. It is often an outcropping above the summit, a place that overlooks a territory, a city or a campus. It is a place where strategy, and planning happens between a “trusted” counselor and the one who is being mentored. When a friend of mine asked if I had a board of Directors or elders for Friendship Fellowship, I replied that I want a board of “mentors.” Mentors have elder qualities and live out those qualities in the body. I need a group of men who will worship with our friends, minsiter to our friends and build up our friends.I need a group of men who will study together, be part of relationship building and who live out the mission in outreach. I need a group of Mentors who will hold one another accountable at home, at work and in the community, in what we have done and what we fail to do.

Mentor Meetings

I am calling the men who want to help us build Friendship Fellowship to meet weekly for study, relationship building (worship and fellowship) and outreach. This will help to prepare our hearts to minister and pray for our friends (people with intellectual disabilities.) Instead of a rehearsal for Sunday night services we will be ministering to one another in the task of mentoring our friends, their caregivers and families. I also invite other Life Group Leaders who have an outreach mandate in their community to join us.

Prayer for the East Coast

This morning I was in contact with over a dozen Christian Radio stations on the East Coast. While Irene was not as “bad” as predicted, when you are literally underwater and you have no power you need prayer. As the East Coast Media Representative, prayer, resources and a couple of public service announcements went out along with our mind on their recovery and a heart for their ministry.

If you need anything from Friendship Fellowship today please call or e-mail. 800-724-1839/




Seasonal Occupation -Message,Music,Mission

Here you can find 12 poems waiting for progressions. There was a show i loved when I was a little boy called mystery lines where an artist would draw a line or two and have the kids draw it at home. It inspired imagination and fun.

Imagination usage

I want Seasonal Occupation to be more than a CD project, I want it to be a kind of mystery lines that provide you with imagination usage! The process is to start working on progressions and melody lines and then layering them down.

Interviews and destinations

A long time ago I wanted to do a project where i would travel, take still photos, video and audio tracks and write songs, tell stories, and develop an anthology of time, travel, songs and stories. What if we did this for marriages? What if we did this for families? What if we told the stories of all living generations and did this with faith, work, mission and handicaps?

Seasonal Occupations

Maybe this is a start, where I can take the very best of people I meet and develop a musical storyline that would be folksy, artsy, inspiring and life giving.

Inspired by David Roger’s Book

“The Network is Your Customer” is bringing the dream of integrating media with 5 Stages to “thrive” in a digital age.” The blog you are reading is giving you access, engaging you with shared and valuable content, It is allowing you to customize this content, connect with one another and I gain collaborators in the process.

Message, music, mission

Reads, Listens and Views go hand in hand with a Biblicaly induced message through faith, marriage and family stories. It is allowing us to participate in the creative process (something God has called all of us to do); and it allows us to touch each others lives and to grow, by learning and living in such a time as this.

Road Song/Walk the Prayer

1. At the corner of Wall and Main- I’m walking down your street,

I’m praying for the ones ignored and the ones laid at your feet,

and I’m praying for Charlie and his friends, who are lost in Rainbow Alley,

and I’m praying for the kids on the way to school, biking in the fog and rain and wind!


Praying for you and your family, praying for you that you’ll hold strong

Praying for those who pray against us and the ones I have prayed against

on the corner of Emerson and Colfax.

2. I’m just saying, before the end whatever the cost, whatever the pain,

I’m just praying to you and your family- can we continue to live this way?


Praying for you and your family, praying for you that you’ll hold strong

Praying for those who pray against us and the ones I have prayed against

on the corner of Emerson and Colfax.

Bridge: There are so many names and so many street signs,

there are so many roads that I’ve traveled and so many signs of the times.

You and I have been up the avenue, down the boulevard, hitting the highway,

We’ve been lost on the freeway and working for the causeway!

3. Back at home, safe and sound, sitting on the front porch and playing my guitar

On the terrace and parked at Park Place, the road we’re on, is right where you are (Jesus).

Praying for you and your family, praying for you that you’ll hold strong

Praying for those who pray against us and the ones I have prayed against

on the corner of Emerson and Colfax.

Denver, August 2011