Invitation to Mentors-Biblical,Systematic and Evangelical

The word “mentor” means a wise and trusted counselor and as we progress in delving into what that means at Friendship Fellowship I want to explore it as a verb and not as a person,place or a thing. Like the word “integrity,”  mentor gets bantered about and misused much more than it should. The word integrity means to live an integrated life that reflects a godly attitude, righteousness, and  purpose at home, at work and in the community. Mentor has some similar qualities since what you build into others is what you build unto the way you would like to be built into. I like the fact that mentor starts with men (although it is not exclusive a male thing..)  But to be sure, a mentor who is a man should be mentoring another man or men.

The “tor”  in Mentor

The “tor” in mentor comes from the word “tor” which is the highest place on a hill or mountain top. It is often an outcropping above the summit, a place that overlooks a territory, a city or a campus. It is a place where strategy, and planning happens between a “trusted” counselor and the one who is being mentored. When a friend of mine asked if I had a board of Directors or elders for Friendship Fellowship, I replied that I want a board of “mentors.” Mentors have elder qualities and live out those qualities in the body. I need a group of men who will worship with our friends, minsiter to our friends and build up our friends.I need a group of men who will study together, be part of relationship building and who live out the mission in outreach. I need a group of Mentors who will hold one another accountable at home, at work and in the community, in what we have done and what we fail to do.

Mentor Meetings

I am calling the men who want to help us build Friendship Fellowship to meet weekly for study, relationship building (worship and fellowship) and outreach. This will help to prepare our hearts to minister and pray for our friends (people with intellectual disabilities.) Instead of a rehearsal for Sunday night services we will be ministering to one another in the task of mentoring our friends, their caregivers and families. I also invite other Life Group Leaders who have an outreach mandate in their community to join us.

Prayer for the East Coast

This morning I was in contact with over a dozen Christian Radio stations on the East Coast. While Irene was not as “bad” as predicted, when you are literally underwater and you have no power you need prayer. As the East Coast Media Representative, prayer, resources and a couple of public service announcements went out along with our mind on their recovery and a heart for their ministry.

If you need anything from Friendship Fellowship today please call or e-mail. 800-724-1839/





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