What are You in For?

1. You are here, reality sets in when we understand where it all begins;
There are times when you need a friend, just to hear the truth.

2. You were there, in the midst of it all. talking to the man, who was waiting for a call- there are times when I understand “The Fall”
and I need to speak your truth.

What are you in for? Never heard that before, “What are you in for?” As I enter in through the garage door. I was tired- couldn’t face it anymore, but the question still remains- “What are you in for?”

Bridge: I might be in for another outlook, I might find a new adventure-
I might find what I once mistook, for another lecture, from another textbook- take another look- and at this time I can find a reason that I can live for- “What am I in for?”

3. You’ll be there in all my concerns- you are here where my passion burns- you are here- there’s so much to learn, there is foundation- right here in your truth.

Orlando, September 8,2011


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