The Second Annual Friendship Invitational

Colorado Springs: When I began to plant and to pastor Friendship Fellowship in 2010, one of the keys to success was “invitation.” Invitation is what separated church from state, it is invitation that separates rights from wants and wants from needs and who I am to where I feel welcomed. While we did a lot of things wrong in planting Friendship Fellowship at Washington Park in Denver, the cornerstone to our success has been invitation. While there were agencies and individuals who declined or didn’t answer the invitation brought people who now call Friendship Fellowship and Ancient Paths Network of churches their “home.”

Ancient Paths-Friendship Fellowship: Denver

On September 28, the second season of Friendship Fellowship will begin in Denver. My friend and longtime colleague, Pastor Bruce Duell and the Educational Director Carrie Schnur will be taking the lead at Washington Park Chapel, as I will be passing the baton off to them. Our friends from Roundup Fellowship will be back and we are excited to see what God will bring to this congregation. While we extend invitation to our friends, mentors and caregivers, we also invite and welcome God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit into Washington Park Chapel for this second season. So where are Jill and I going?

Friendship Fellowship Springs

It was suppose to happen on our watches at 5:30 PM, September 18th and while I am disappointed that we will not begin, I am happy to accept my dose of correction, challenge, and change as a process in everything that I am called to do. Like the early church in Acts chapter 1 and 2, we are waiting. The place we were hoping to plant Friendship Fellowship has fallen through. The leadership board of elders and mentors has not been properly invited. From a corporate standpoint I have not developed the infrastructure needed to begin.

Marching Orders

So our marching orders are to wait, to pray and to seek God’s motive and calling to leaders/elders/mentors. The first course of action is to pray and invite those leaders into fellowship. The second step is to choose, to study, be in relationship with and to practice outreach in finding the place, the time, and the people we will serve in the community and we need to wait for the renewal of our minds (Romans 12), to Pray the way Jesus taught us (Luke 11:2-4), and to wait (Acts 1:14.)   Waiting consists of prayer, worship and using gifts and talents to plan, to invite and to seek God’s direction.

The Word and Spirit Invitation

If you are reading this you are invited. Friendship Fellowship will start on a basis of a men’s group meeting for a brown bag lunch on Wednesday’s at 11:30 at Focus on the Family. I am looking for men who are called to administration, to raising funds, who are gifted in worship, prayer, mercy, and hospitality. I am seeking men who will be the backbone in counseling, teaching, leadership and serving. Finally I am looking for men who are gifted in healing, wisdom and discernment. Our foundation has to start here where we study, relate in fellowship and then reach out to our friends.

A Waiting Room in the Garage

I look at being displaced as a sign that we need to meet in a virtual garage. When the warning lights come on in the car and we have to pull over and get something fixed, we are forced to look under the hood. I can’t tell you how many waiting rooms I have found myself in and like so many men, I dislike waiting. I learned a long time ago that God engineers our starts and our stops and when we allow that to happen and look around the room, it’s okay to begin to see other men who are waiting too. They need a jump start that lasts, a repair that is sustainable. They are here in your path for a reason–don’t ignore the healing that happens in the garage.

Point of Contact

Please e-mail Pastor Richard at or call 800.724.1839.


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