Wall Street down,Main Street up…

Welcome to Church Street. This is the place that has for too many years been an island filled with people who may have had an experience but have decided to converge with the people on Wall Street and Main Street. In many cities Church Street was a place where people gathered on Sunday to sing hymns and listen to some Bible Readings, grab a little communion and get ready to do battle. Wall Street and Main Street rarely were intersected with Church Street. Lets face it, on Church Street people ask “How are you?” and no one seems to really want to know on Church Street. However in the great design of things it is the place where Weddings happen, where babies are dedicated, and where funerals are planned. We give all of these things to Church Street but we so often take our finances to Wall Street and our earnings to Main Street to express what we really want from life.

What if?

What if on Church Street we could hang with others, enjoying espressos and express ourselves, jam on a few songs, watch a movie, and talk about our jobs, our spouse and our family? What if Church Street was the place where I could study with others, begin meaningful relationships, and be a place where I could find outreach opportunities? What if I could download periodicals, books, music and films that I could read, listen to and see on my laptop, cell phone or my Kindle Fire? What if on Church Street I could figure out my daily balance, plan my business and work on presentations, and meet with friends and family while enjoying a favorite coffee or tea? Then the only thing missing on Church Street is a place in every major city that I travel to where I can live this kind of life no matter where I am.

Church Street Station

As long as we play “What if?” Lets go there. What if I travel for work and Church Street was where I was? The same great coffee, the same great kiosk opportunities for studying, relationships, and outreach, and it is near my hotel, the airport or right smack dab in the middle of town. While everyone is skittish on Wall Street, the cash register is ringing on Main Street, but lives are changed on Church Street. That’s the point-anything is possible on Church Street, and your invited.



How it all plays out on Church Street

Denver: Everyone is talking about how “it plays out on Wall Street, or Main Street,” but the question is “What does it mean to the people who live and work on Church Street?” Starting in November The Evangelical Examiner will start a series of articles on how everything from coffee to theater, the economy and faith, business and politics will start with that thesis. Here is a preview:

After further review- the man prays

Everyone from Atlantic to Pacific is talking about Tebow, the latest quarterback for the Denver Broncos. When he hit his knees after the comeback victory against the Dolphins, he put his fist to his head and thus began not so much a controversy, but a viral infection of a collage of pictures, showing people in funny hats, construction workers and even little kids in their pajamas: Tebowing. Here at the examiner we are not offended by people taking pictures of people imitating Tebow’s prayer stance, but as  author Gabe Lyons tells his readers in The Next Christian, “don’t be offended, be provoked.” That’s the point. This week we are tebowing a lot, and our prayer is that Tebow starts hot right out of the tunnel against the surprising Detroit Lions. Football writers and odds makers don’t think that the “Broncos have a Tebowing chance to beat the Lions,” however God might think otherwise.

Really good coffee with a mission

Mission Coffee Roasters and Church Coffee is now operating in Colorado. The former Baltimore based gourmet coffee roaster has moved their beans out west and that is a good thing. Brett Bixler the founder of this roaster packed his family, a small roaster, mountain bikes, furniture and are ready to roll out the evangelical incubator that will launch  a digital publisher, media form and helping with Friendship Fellowship in Denver and Colorado Springs. If you want to know more about Mission Coffee or know of a church that can use a coffee house and great coffee, call them  888-673-4069.

Go spot go!

It is not a migraine, it is more Dick and Jane watch “spot go,” (“not on the sidewalk Spot,”  cries Jane!) It has to do more with “hearing than seeing.” It is an audio idea for all kinds of industries. From auto repair to financial, and heart screening, to computer sales and repair this round from Gene Michael Productions is from geared to make a radio sales representative’s day. Oh yeah and for the advertiser these can be customized for clients and your stations. Call 800-955-0619 or look at their website at http://www.gmpmusic.com.

To find out more e-mail Friendshipfellowship@juno.com or call 1-800-724-1839. Have a great weekend!

Trinitarian Method and Proofs

Trinity: The essence of the Trinity is present in the Bible if not literally in action. My main thesis on the motive of God, the approach of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit is classically found in the Synoptic Gospel. From the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, to the many times that Jesus spent time alone praying and seeking his father’s will, the text clearly says that Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit. Prior to healing and miracles (Luke 5) Jesus spends time alone seeking His father’s will when he forgives sins; heals the paralytic, and in the most trying times of his journey to Jerusalem where he is heading to fulfill his mission of His crucifixion. His strength comes from the communication and relationship with God, “I do nothing apart from my father,” and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The case can be made that Jesus can not do anything apart from being an integral part of the Trinity, and so in order to function as Christ followers in this world we also must seek God’s motive for our actions, follow the approach of Jesus our Savior and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The application is the only way the “Son of Man” was able to function in this world and to fight the power of darkness and the “Prince of the World,” and so we as believers and followers of Jesus Christ can not function  properly and fully with being out of relation with God the Father, Jesus our Savior and through the strength of the Holy Spirit.

The book of Genesis tells us that mankind is created by God in His image. We are “his handiwork” writes the psalmist and we quickly find out that we are “sexual.”  We are made not to “declare” our sexuality but instead we are male and female, designed for marriage that is between one man and one woman. We learn from Genesis that we have a “sin nature” or a “sin condition” that is defined by 1. Disobedience to God; 2. We act and think apart from God and 3. We deny God. Adam and Eve clearly disobeyed God through temptation and eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve believed the serpent who told her that “she would be like God,” and “she surely would not die,” by eating the fruit. Isn’t that what the sin condition is? Being full of ourselves and thinking we can do it on our own. “We don’t need God,” the world screams, and yet we wonder when things go wrong “why did God allow that to happen.” In the midst of a tragedy, or when things don’t go our way, or the plans we make are thwarted, men and women everyday utter these words “Why God let that happen?”  The “sin” condition is a human condition and our emotional response to our situation often puts us in a position that men and women act in a way that is clearly disobedience to God. What’s worse is that emotional charge leads to justification of sin, with a sharp denial that multiplies sin. The elements that lead to sin are often thoughts, fueled by emotion, denial, escapism, anger and depression and then acting on these emotional enzymes which are strong but are also manageable and controlled. In God’s design we can overcome the emotional side; we can biblically study our escape route, we can systematically practice God’s plan for our lives in our relationships, in fellowship and accountability and we can reach out to others to help them overcome and to show them God’s love. Eve in Genesis is caught in believing a stranger. She denies and disobeys God and justifies her actions because she believes that God does not know best. The serpent tells her “Surely you won’t die…” Satan gets her to literally bite on the notion, “that you will be like God.” Then she becomes an agent for the serpent! “Hey Adam, this is delicious! Take a bite.” Adam, like most of us in the man world, says “Yo, Eve, where’d you get that fruit?” She hands it to him and he takes a bite and “all hell breaks loose.” Men and Women, the first rule here is to 1. Believe God and find delight in his plan whether you understand His motive or not. 2. Follow the approach and example of Jesus who does what the Father has Him do and not do. 3. Rely on the Power of the Holy Spirit which God has given to help us in all situations. God separated the animal kingdom from His Kingdom. He gave us the ability to practice self-control! The sin condition is our animal instinct, our denial is our soul man and woman stemming from our ego; and our choice is to either give in to the escapism that leads to death, or to rely on the rescue efforts of Jesus Christ in our life. He bore the cross, so you would not have to, so why do you keep carrying the load when He has done the heavy lifting already? Believe that He did that for you? Carrying it again is an insult to His work. It is an unnecessary exercise that wastes our time here. The freeing part of His work is that you can put down your cross, and follow Him. Believe in Him and then frame of forgiveness, rescue, acceptance, making amends, and evangelical lifestyle. You can find it in Eden through Genesis and you can find the culmination at Calvary. You can practice it at home, work, in the community and on the road.

Creation Proofs

From the Biblical standpoint we ascertain that God not only created the earth from nothing, yet also is the creator of all things. There is a hierarchy to life forms from very simple life forms to very complex ones, from Amoebas, to Paramecium, to birds, fish, and all kinds of animals to the human. The terms used in Genesis and the fact that everyday our life is a laboratory where we can be thankful for the repeated sunrise and sunset. God creates everyday through a system that is mathematically complex and difficult to understand. The human body and our DNA is different from anyone else on the planet! So different that scientists have been able to crack cold cases by producing DNA of the victim and the murderer solving cases that are decades old.So when we read the Biblical account of creation it can be proven on a daily basis in the systems God created at the beginning of the Earth.

Systematic Proofs

If you are a father or a mother, or you are creative, there is a God designed process to creativity that can be found on the empty page, the empty canvas, the formless blob of clay and even the blank computer screen, between the words and the time you hit the “publish” icon. When God created man He put humanity in the process as a single species, then the woman. God made man in His image and separate from the animal world. The systematic role of human beings in God’s world is to act differently than animals, in terms of moral conscience, self-knowledge and in terms of “spiritual relationship” with the creator. The way we were suppose to be and the way it turned out was based on a system of trust. As a parent I know what that’s about; as a father and a son, as a husband and as a friend we all can relate to the fall! Disobedience to God’s system of values and morality is the definition of sin. When I disobeyed my parents I was restricted because trust was broken. Adam and Eve lost their communication and communion with God from eating from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The system of how to live on earth changed because of “original” sin. God’s system would be a little harsher and harder. Men had to work and woman would experience labor pains in giving birth. When we do it on our own, we still get joy in the creation of planting and giving birth, but life will be harder; we will experience loss of job, food, shelter and sometimes life itself.

Evangelical Proofs

God restores communion through our relationship with His Son Jesus Christ and when we come to him and ask Him into our hearts communion is restored. This also can be realized in community. The common union of believers and followers of Christ share His supper together. We have a system initiated by Jesus Christ of remembering His death and Resurrection by taking the bread and drinking from the cup and proclaiming the mystery of our faith. The scientific method is to take this at first as a hypothesis and when we gather as a community, a family, or a church and remember His Sacrifice. It was hypothesis at the last supper, in our human understanding, it became a theory when he went to the cross, and it became law, when Christ rose from the grave. So when we take the bread, and take the cup and proclaim that “Christ has died, Christ is Risen and Christ will come again,” we galvanize our relationship which has been restored! So when Adam and Eve lose the communion with God; Jesus restores the ability to be in communion with God and one another!


Triology: Creation Proofs

We believe in one God, Creator of all things, holy, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in a loving unity of three equally divine Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Having limitless knowledge and sovereign power, God has graciously purposed from eternity to redeem a people for Himself and to make all things new for His own glory.

God created everything. What does it mean that God is the Creator? Why is that important? The  element chart is one that I decided to create while I studied Genesis 1. I write this as I observe another sunrise and I can observe each one of these elements and see them at work as I go about my daily life! God speaks into existence the daily beginning of a day that is defined by the light. The separation from the night allows us to physically observe His creative process! We can’t imitate the process but we can celebrate the fact that we can understand His motivation as God rolls out for us His purpose for each element of creation. Biblically He outlines the purpose from “nothingness” to substance! The creative process gives us “light.” The earth is a kind of “Ground Zero” and God begins by introducing light! From there he separates the darkness from the light and we have night and day. Then the reader is introduced to the beginning of water and sky. Today we can observe both of these elements and we can rejoice in them as we look to the sea, a lake, or a river and look to the sky. If I were reading it for the first time I might wonder what purpose God had for each element, for alone they are not easily defined. The beauty is that this progression does have a purpose and those of us who have experienced life can appreciate God’s process in establishing the foundational elements of our world. Those who might not appreciate God’s plan will get hung up in the literal seven day creation with how old the earth might be or evolutionary science. The science of the superior light of the sun and the lesser light of the moon, and the universal wonder of the twinkling stars and planets are also outlined. In our lab we can observe all of these things too and we can agree with God that the equation, the creation and the world as so far created is indeed “Good!” Then we get into the elements that add up to the sum of our purpose in the creation.

The fish and the birds, the livestock and the animals have a purpose “In the Beginning” their purpose is to “increase in numbers.” God created pro-creation in the animal species even before creating man. Recently I heard a science program on National Public Radio. The scientist was talking about how lower life forms sustain life and multiply by “changing gender” or being asexual. These were insects and sea creatures such as shrimp. The conclusion by the host was that this would be a big blow to “family values” because if God’s purpose was for all creatures to multiply it didn’t matter what their sexual preference was, “since life forms were capable of adapting to whatever was available!” It seemed rather, that the host and the agreeing scientist had more of a problem being “Biblically illiterate” and scientifically silly in their conclusion. Olivia Judson, an evolutionary biologist, was the scientist. Se writes about the influence of science and biology on modern life. She is the author of “Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation: The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex.” Ms. Judson has been a reporter for The Economist and has written for a number of other publications, including Nature, The Financial Times, The Atlantic and Natural History. She is a research fellow in biology at Imperial College London. While I do not doubt her scientific studies of marine and insect  life, when it is applied to the relationship between God and man it is bad science, faulty reasoning, and inferior social commentary! I was able to look Ms. Judson up and reference a 2008 article she wrote. (Judson, 2008)

In referencing Judson’s work and faulty comparison it further illustrates why it is important to note God’s Motive for creating animal life as well as seed bearing plants and animal life including fish, birds and livestock. When God creates living creatures, trees and plants there is a bigger picture that we can observe and partake in on a regular basis. Their purpose was for the next life form that God breathes into existence. Look in the mirror!

So God created people in His own image; God patterned after himself male and female, he created them.”

            If this were a scientific lab we can take the Biblical Hypothesis and make the statement that our God-given role is practiced in “regulating” animals through hunting, fishing and as a food source and being stewards of all things God made. That includes tending to His garden, planting and growing seeds and observing the seasons. The way that Genesis 1 ends rolls out the purpose of humankind even further with a warning and an explanation point!

From Genesis 1:10-25 God’s plan for humanity is revealed. Man is placed in the Garden of Eden where he can eat any fruit of the garden except from “The Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil-for if you eat of this, you surely will die.” God’s perfect plan is that man should live, unless he disobeys God. This is where the correlation between sin and death is introduced. God’s perfect plan for man is everlasting life and that is where Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical Theology introduces the human condition; the need for following a Savior, and the mandate to be good stewards of what God has given us and to take care of one another by wanting none to perish. Immediately after this reference and implication God’s plan for humanity is detailed.

“It is not good for man to be alone,” says God. After all of creation God pronounces, ”It is good.” By stark contrast man alone, is pronounced as “Not good” by God. “I will make a companion who will help him.” (As a man I am very grateful to God for this!) Adam proclaims, “At last! She is my own flesh and bone” (for she was created from Adam’s rib.) “She will be called “woman” because she was taken out of a man.” This is why Genesis 1 is important to humankind. We have a set up by God, he creates a world so that we may be called a people set apart for God as the creed states in the Preamble of the Evangelical Free Church of America. The theological conviction in Genesis 1 is from a Biblical Standpoint repeated in how we should live in God’s Word; it is a Systematic and Scientific Process through observing it on a daily basis on how God provides for humanity; and it is proven in the Evangelical Theology of how we are to continue to believe, follow and deliver His message of salvation to a world that needs Him.

The final statement of creation is found in these words:

“This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to hi wife and the two are united into one.” Genesis 1:24

            From an apologetic standpoint Genesis 1 begins with God’s perfect plan for the world, humanity, marriage and family life. Genesis 1 is important with the words that God speaks in “making man in his image;” in “creating everything in the world” as a resource to sustain life; and to give us “everlasting life” in his perfect plan for how we should live, manage and love  through studying God’s creation, by following a Christ like approach, and to apply the evangelical message found in the text and in doing what the Word tells us. The interpretation of Genesis 1 relates to the overall view of scripture as a cornerstone of God’s purpose for mankind and outlines the timeless nature of God’s plan for our lives and our relationship with Him.

Attributes of God: There is no beginning nor is there an end to God. He is omnipresent, meaning that God is timeless and is ever present. God is (as outlined in Genesis 1) is the Creator, the Judge, and the Redeemer.) From an image standpoint God is the only true King; our only perfect “Father,” a shepherd, and a Potter creating us and everything. God is our ruler, our advocate and He is all powerful and in control of all things. God is Holy which means that He is set apart from anything or anyone else. The Holiness of God is experienced through “sheer” power as “fire,” “earthquake,” the Israelites respond to God’s Holiness with “fear and trembling.” (Exodus 20:18-19) While our culture may not understand that Holiness and reverence for God, the promise in Revelation clearly shows that “every knee will bow,” to His Holiness in relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”  The implications of God’s Holiness is a rich reality of truth and justice as well as a victorious ending in the battle between Good and Evil. The main attribute of God is that “God is good, all the time.”






Triology-Biblical;Systematic;and Evangelical

In college I studied three approaches to Theology all of which led to two degrees. I find it interesting that my degrees are not associated with ARTS but instead SCIENCE. I got my first degree in Communications and although it was only an Associates Degree it was a degree of Applied Science in journalism and production. My second degree was related to ministry and leadership and again was a Bachelors of Science. My conclusion is that like Psychology, Philosophy, Journalism and Communications there is a Scientific Method in processing Theology and that the method is really a Triology related to the Trinity! The methods and the approaches to the study of God and the Science of the Knowledge of God. Triology is the study of the 3 persons in union as one God using three different approaches to Theology: 1. Biblical Theology; 2. Systematic Theology and 3. Evangelical Theology.

Triological Methods

The process that makes the difference in my study, my preaching, my music and my prayer have to do with trying to find what God’s motive through Biblical digging; following the approaches Jesus Christ used in relational living; and being filled and refilled by the power of the Holy Spirit.  There are hundreds of Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical Processes to having a relationship with God and one another. At this point of my life and ministry I would like to explore and publish a series of Bible Studies, Relational and Fellowship communities, and Missional Opportunities, which would include Message, Music and Mission. This will include continual planting and developing Friendship Fellowship Chapels designed to meet the spiritual needs of people with intellectual disabilities; their caregivers and mentors.  I have also felt that I am called to work with men and developing leaders who are being called to pastor Friendship Fellowship in other cities.

E-Reads; E-Listens and E-Views

In this digital world ministry must be accessible so all of our messages, music and mission plans will be web based in a catalog. For instance when I am preparing music for Friendship Fellowship in Denver I am sending an Mp3 to Ancient Paths Evangelical Free Church where we planted the first Friendship Fellowship. The reason for this method is that our pastoral staff is not musically inclined and so they are using the feed for worship that is germane to the message and lesson and since we planted FF in Washington Park our special needs clients are familiar with the songs and the delivery. Trouble is we have not done this and are in need of some help in that area. Even more so I want to make this blog accessible to people wanting to become mentors. The recently completed script and book for Character Study is  ready to be used and we can communicate directly from this blog. The next step is composing and recording the “Songs from the Garage” as well as an audio book, to allow listens. A slide show will also be produced in conjunction with the script; the songs and the audio in order for leaders to get trained.

Mission Fields

I am seeing this BLOG as a living lab of practicing Biblical, Systematic, and Evangelical Theology (Triology) equipping people everywhere to utilize the methods and the Scientific Process in answering questions, practicing sound biblical principles in our mind, systematically documenting the process that Jesus gave us on prayer, on renewing our minds and hearts, on praise and worship, and spreading the Gospel. When I look at the things that I need to do to move forward I realize that there are many Mission Fields on the horizon. When I look at organizations that can partner with us I am hoping to we will partner with like minded organizations, a network of churches, an educational company, publishing, a media group, and a coffee company who will come together on a website to plant, nurture, raise, and send missionaries out in North America and Europe with the Gospel Message of God’s Love. With that said it could be a group of people who might want to plant a church, with a school, that publishes curriculum, and who broadcasts online, records new worship songs, and who raises support in a cafe, that serves great coffee, where every bag and cup would have the bar-code to a digital book, an audio book, or a praise song. What if every church plant became a job source, an incubator for church, cafe, and creativity? An incubator for servant leader ministries and companies, for builders, for grocers, for retail, and technology.  Instead of an Incubator I would call it “Mission Fields.”The city of Colorado Springs is our campus. It is the original test-city.


A college president was asked recently what her vision was for the college and her answer was simple and clear: “Our students and our staff are to become a ready people reaching out to a waiting world.” When I look around our inner-cities I see Mission Fields where people live in “DEAD zones.” They are the places where people live in denial,escapism,anger and depression” and can’t find a way out of that circular saw that they are being chewed and cut up by. These DEAD zones can be found in so many of our cities. When we reach out to the disabled, the caregivers, and build mentors who become advocates to the least of these, then we put Christ at the center of our communities and our self center dissipates. That’s when life really matters! When we take the self out of the self center, then our centers become filled with loving God “with all our heart, soul and mind and our neighbors as ourselves.” Theology matters in our Mission Fields. As leaders we have to answer the questions “What is God’s Motive; How did Jesus approach these situations, and How can I be filled and be used by the power of the Holy Spirit,” to be a ready people reaching a waiting world.

Living for Him

Man at the Pump: May you always seek adventure and the motive of Lord, May you always approach people without seeking a reward. May you be powered at the pump and by living out your faith and may we all be amazed by your grace.

Jake: May you find the word and adventure in the cause, may you count all of your disappointments as gain and not loss, may you be filled with the Spirit, strengthened but not tossed, and may we all be living for Him.

All: And may you reflect the face of Jesus  to a people  in need, May you be like the farmer forever dropping seeds, may you build some bridges so people can see, that there’s a reason, and a purpose, May we all be living for Him.


Man at the Pump: May you always seek adventure and the motive of Lord, May you always approach people without seeking a reward. May you be powered at the pump and by living out your faith and may we all be amazed by your grace.

Establish an Enduring Evangelical Lifestyle

Narrator: In love and in war there is no end game. The end game is more the everlasting game for us. Over 2000 years ago your end game was accomplished by your savior, who fought your battle with sin and with his life, so that the battles yet to be fought could be won. The transformation process starts earlier for some and later for others. At times the process of correction, challenge and change are dramatic and at other times they are gradual, subtle but no matter how they manifest the change is profound. The word endurance is a word we all like to use. Jesus had to endure his disciples at times as noted when he would say “How long must I have to put up with you?” How long indeed. Those men who started with us in The Garage and built bridges and when we came to the end of the road made a choice. Certainly the acrostic of becoming friends and not forsaking the fellowship are planks that are hard to separate. Surely the revolution and the reconciliation is a place that fortifies you and is the second board that hopefully generates adventure in your heart. This FRAME is designed by God the architect who is building a magnificent structure inside and out of every man who hears his message. Yet he does not build for ego, God is building in you a design that includes being a mentor and becoming a mentor to another man or two. And today is the day where we pledge to establish an enduring evangelical lifestyle. Today is where you will meet the “man at the pump.”


Man: I am not who you might think I am. I am sent by Him and I represent Him and more than anything else I want to live for Him. (applause) I started the garage while establishing a new lifestyle and a new way of living my life. I went through a number of Dead Seas and Dead engines and I wanted and prayed so much for other men to have a place where I could fix and find what was lost. One day I realized that there were so many warning signs that I had to pull over and deal with it. That’s what your boss says, that’s sometimes what your friends say- “Curse God and get on with your life-boils and all.” That wasn’t good enough or me and after I went through my storms, I realized that there are storms in every man’s life. The garage was a good place and a safe place to deal with it- but not alone! After fixing enough engines and junking others I began to study the habits of men. I wasn’t a fixer of vehicles – I became the mechanic for men.

Dead Engine Syndrome

I saw enough coming in with the triangles with the explanation point  in the center and I knew there was a lifestyle problem going on. I started posting the average man-breakdowns and in a normal lifetime, if a man survives them, all of us go through a grieving process. Denial, Escapism,Anger and Depression and if there’s no way out a man might go through that cycle a few times before it either kills him or he asks for help. Now figure this, the average man will experience profound loss 8-12 times in a lifetime! Loss of job, loss of pride, loss of purpose, loss of relationships, loss of life of a loved one, loss of hair (oops) don’t make that a biggy! Loss of spirit, loss of control and loss, and loss and loss… A loss of adventure and purpose, meaning and drive is not recaptured by taking that little blue pill! But instead it is recaptured by when and how we choose to endure and it’s a lot easier to endure it while leading and “enduring lifestyle!” That’s why I built the garage. That’s why I invited you here, and that’s why those who have stuck it out are still here in the audience, and on the stage.

Evangeical Lifestyle

Unfortunately a lot of you may be repulsed at living an Evangelical Lifestyle. Why? The TV image is scary. The hair, the clothes, the French provincial furniture, the makeup, the cameras, the collars- Yikes! I did not say this is the Televangelist lifestyle! But the Evangelical Lifestyle. This is more like the Southern Living meets Outdoor Man. Jesus was born in a stable- cause he was cool! He wanted to reach out to shepherds and farmers and tax collectors and repairmen. This stable he was born in looked more like a man cave, without television of course. Living an Evangelical Lifestyle is getting together and talking about the great adventures God has you on. It’s like drinking a good strong cup of coffee and doing your thing- if your thing is what’s God’s plan is for you. It’s inviting the guys over to watch the game, and studying, building relationships and it’s about outreach. It’s about hope. You need someone who knows how to do an oil change? Call a friend. You hear of a young man who needs advise and someone to mentor him, invite him for coffee. You hear of a need for a visitation, call a brother garager or two and make the visit.

Be a Garager

There’s Habitat, there’s Focus on the Family, There’s Compassion, and there’s Friendship Ministries. Build, Help a family, a widow, a single Mom, a fatherless child. The Garage not only fixes your engine trouble, it mobilizes mentors in their communities! Plant a church or be a leader at a church and here’s something else- reach out to people with Intellectual and physical disabilities. You will be totally blessed in opportunities for adventure, you will not know what hit you!  That’s living an evangelical lifestyle- Study the Word,  Build Relationships, and practice Outreach by regularly praying for your community. And finally don’t be a stranger. Some may move on- the disciples did and spread the Good News. Establish new garages and reach out to your new communities. Make sure that there is really good coffee, that you learn the message, the music and understand and communicate the mission. Well gents, I’ve said enough. Now lets start looking at the MAP before we have a benediction. (Men and the audience take out the MAP.

Man at the Pump: May you always seek adventure and the motive of Lord, May you always approach people without seeking a reward. May you be powered at the pump and by living out your faith and may we all be amazed by your grace.

Narrator: Thanks for coming and sticking around. The Garage Band will be playing for a while. If you are interested in starting a garage in your neighborhood, you can talk to the man at the garage or give him a call at 888.724-1839. To get involved with one of the ministries you heard about also give us a call. Join in the conversation on our blog at friendshipfellowship.wordpress.com and tell them Jake and the Mechanics sent you. This is your narrator, Charlie H. signing off. The Garage next week will be looking at Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical Theology, join us for Study, Relationship and Outreach on Triology. Please e-mail us at Friendshipfellowship@juno.com!