You say you want a Revolution?

Narrator: In my first attempt at naming the “R” in FRAME, the “R” stood for “Reconciliation.” It’s true that when building up the new man it is important to “reconcile” the grievances you caused as much as reconciling the offenses against you. That bank has a hundred page statement of what has gone in and what’s gone out. As one friend use to be in the habit of doing is closing the account that is a mess and opening up a new one! As I get older and since this is not a one on one based on self healing, I want to go somewhere else. It is a place where John Lennon, where Jean Val Jean went, but it is not the “Free-Love” revolution of the 1960’s and not the French Revolution that ushered in the 1800’s. This is a revolution that starts with defining God-like Love. And who better than to talk about this, than another guy named John who lives out his faith using the Gospel of John.

Intro to John

John came to the Garage a few weeks ago, looking for some answers. He has found some from reflecting on the past, building a bridge to the present, with an eye to the future. John was broken and in his brokenness he found a breakthrough moment. Before I bring him up to the site I want to make sure that at this point everyone in the audience is wearing a hard hat. Debris has been known to fall from the scaffolding. Revolutions are rarely quiet or safe and those old walls that you are tearing down are pretty heavy and dusty. John is a framer who specializes in leading revolutions with his friends.

John: In our revolution you have to define the type of love we are to embark on. In the city streets we have seen revolutionaries with a cause, but unless God is building the cause, the revolutionaries revolt in vain. I know, I use to be one. This revolution cannot be done without friends. As we spoke yesterday we have friends who are in fellowship to express God’s love on our city. Our message is God’s Word, Our music is Christ’s song which is His Gospel which is ultimate love. He laid down His live for his friends. As I look around I see His friends and I see my friends. John Lennon sang about love and he sang about revolution and I bought into it on the college campuses but the missing ingredient was God. Our revolution is power but it ain’t “Power to the people, it’s more like the Holy Spirit’s power in and through God’s people! (Cheers) Yeah it is about Love folks. God is a loving God who made you and me and he made us to regularly practice this “revolution of love.”

John’s story

There is a scene in the musical “Les Miserables” after the battle in the French Revolution where Marius sings the song “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables,” in the homes of his friends who had fallen in battle. The story of forgiveness and reconciliation interweaves into many of the characters, but the realization of the friends who will no longer sit at their tables sharing a meal with their families is a poignant reconciliation in the grieving process. There are many types of love and they begin with agapo, the God like love that He asks us to bestow in our homes, at and in our work and in the community. That is to share the gospel, to bring people to an understanding of a life worth living and a life worth giving. It is a selfless love. And in the same sentiment the fellowship love of brothers like I see here, phileo, where we get the word for the city Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Sometimes in our revolution we confuse our loves with some kind of romantic love, which is fine in terms of marriage, but lets get real that kind of love gets bantered around as if it is the only love worth finding. Yet when we start there and end there without the “God-like love” we share too much of the intimate love with strangers. So you say you want a revolution? Well if you want the Biblical, the Systematic and the Evangelical open up to the Gospel of John 5:20. This is the Biblical Frame that is being built into you-right now, if you listen:

“For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does, Yes and to your amazement he will show you even greater things than these.”

We should memorize that one , Revolutionaries. God promises to show you greater things than all the things that he shows his son! God sends His Spirit so that you can be fully equipped in the Revolution of Love. With God’s Love all things are possible and as we work together God has a plan for how you spend your time, how you use your gifts and talents and how you make a living and where you spend what you make! And men, I am here to tell you that I didn’t have  a clue until I found myself in a garage, immobile, insincere, and incapable of knowing how to solve my problems. And so it begged the question, “If God loves us and He will show us even greater things than He has shown the savior of the world?” I’m raising my hand and saying, “Show me!”Now that’s revolutionary!Let’s go on:

“No, the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved me, and have believed that I came from God.

John quote Jesus who is discussing the work of the Holy Spirit who is integrates the work of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit, in your life. Because you subscribe to God’s plan,  believe and follow the work of Jesus Christ, you are the empowered by the love of God, the obedience to Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. You are a new man in 3-D! Dimension 1: Love from God, Dimension 2: Follow Christ and Dimension 3: The Power of the Holy Spirit! You bought the Master Plan and it works!And then you continue this Revolution of Love totally equipped to take it on.

So as we go and look at your Ground Zero, God has demolished your old structure and is building a new frame. That frame is made of Friendship and Fellowship, that kind of friend that sharpens another friend, as iron sharpens iron, and then equips you to the next move which is a revolution of Love. You say you want Revolution? (Guys yell: “Yes!”)  Well it is there for the one who will acknowledge God as your architect, Jesus Christ as your Engineer, and the rebuilding with extra power from the Holy Spirit.  Thanks!

Is there not in every human soul, and was there not in the soul of Jean Val Jean, an essential spark, an element of the divine; indestructible in this world and immortal in the next, which goodness can preserve, nourish and fan into glorious flame, and which evil can never extinguish? Victor Hugo


One thought on “You say you want a Revolution?

  1. What is or was your definition of love before reading this?

    Are there things that you agree or disagree? If so what are they?

    Do you believe that the Father will show you more than he showed to His son?

    What happens when you try to solve your problems on your own?

    What happens when you go to God first?

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