Trinitarian Method and Proofs

Trinity: The essence of the Trinity is present in the Bible if not literally in action. My main thesis on the motive of God, the approach of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit is classically found in the Synoptic Gospel. From the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, to the many times that Jesus spent time alone praying and seeking his father’s will, the text clearly says that Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit. Prior to healing and miracles (Luke 5) Jesus spends time alone seeking His father’s will when he forgives sins; heals the paralytic, and in the most trying times of his journey to Jerusalem where he is heading to fulfill his mission of His crucifixion. His strength comes from the communication and relationship with God, “I do nothing apart from my father,” and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The case can be made that Jesus can not do anything apart from being an integral part of the Trinity, and so in order to function as Christ followers in this world we also must seek God’s motive for our actions, follow the approach of Jesus our Savior and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The application is the only way the “Son of Man” was able to function in this world and to fight the power of darkness and the “Prince of the World,” and so we as believers and followers of Jesus Christ can not function  properly and fully with being out of relation with God the Father, Jesus our Savior and through the strength of the Holy Spirit.

The book of Genesis tells us that mankind is created by God in His image. We are “his handiwork” writes the psalmist and we quickly find out that we are “sexual.”  We are made not to “declare” our sexuality but instead we are male and female, designed for marriage that is between one man and one woman. We learn from Genesis that we have a “sin nature” or a “sin condition” that is defined by 1. Disobedience to God; 2. We act and think apart from God and 3. We deny God. Adam and Eve clearly disobeyed God through temptation and eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve believed the serpent who told her that “she would be like God,” and “she surely would not die,” by eating the fruit. Isn’t that what the sin condition is? Being full of ourselves and thinking we can do it on our own. “We don’t need God,” the world screams, and yet we wonder when things go wrong “why did God allow that to happen.” In the midst of a tragedy, or when things don’t go our way, or the plans we make are thwarted, men and women everyday utter these words “Why God let that happen?”  The “sin” condition is a human condition and our emotional response to our situation often puts us in a position that men and women act in a way that is clearly disobedience to God. What’s worse is that emotional charge leads to justification of sin, with a sharp denial that multiplies sin. The elements that lead to sin are often thoughts, fueled by emotion, denial, escapism, anger and depression and then acting on these emotional enzymes which are strong but are also manageable and controlled. In God’s design we can overcome the emotional side; we can biblically study our escape route, we can systematically practice God’s plan for our lives in our relationships, in fellowship and accountability and we can reach out to others to help them overcome and to show them God’s love. Eve in Genesis is caught in believing a stranger. She denies and disobeys God and justifies her actions because she believes that God does not know best. The serpent tells her “Surely you won’t die…” Satan gets her to literally bite on the notion, “that you will be like God.” Then she becomes an agent for the serpent! “Hey Adam, this is delicious! Take a bite.” Adam, like most of us in the man world, says “Yo, Eve, where’d you get that fruit?” She hands it to him and he takes a bite and “all hell breaks loose.” Men and Women, the first rule here is to 1. Believe God and find delight in his plan whether you understand His motive or not. 2. Follow the approach and example of Jesus who does what the Father has Him do and not do. 3. Rely on the Power of the Holy Spirit which God has given to help us in all situations. God separated the animal kingdom from His Kingdom. He gave us the ability to practice self-control! The sin condition is our animal instinct, our denial is our soul man and woman stemming from our ego; and our choice is to either give in to the escapism that leads to death, or to rely on the rescue efforts of Jesus Christ in our life. He bore the cross, so you would not have to, so why do you keep carrying the load when He has done the heavy lifting already? Believe that He did that for you? Carrying it again is an insult to His work. It is an unnecessary exercise that wastes our time here. The freeing part of His work is that you can put down your cross, and follow Him. Believe in Him and then frame of forgiveness, rescue, acceptance, making amends, and evangelical lifestyle. You can find it in Eden through Genesis and you can find the culmination at Calvary. You can practice it at home, work, in the community and on the road.

Creation Proofs

From the Biblical standpoint we ascertain that God not only created the earth from nothing, yet also is the creator of all things. There is a hierarchy to life forms from very simple life forms to very complex ones, from Amoebas, to Paramecium, to birds, fish, and all kinds of animals to the human. The terms used in Genesis and the fact that everyday our life is a laboratory where we can be thankful for the repeated sunrise and sunset. God creates everyday through a system that is mathematically complex and difficult to understand. The human body and our DNA is different from anyone else on the planet! So different that scientists have been able to crack cold cases by producing DNA of the victim and the murderer solving cases that are decades old.So when we read the Biblical account of creation it can be proven on a daily basis in the systems God created at the beginning of the Earth.

Systematic Proofs

If you are a father or a mother, or you are creative, there is a God designed process to creativity that can be found on the empty page, the empty canvas, the formless blob of clay and even the blank computer screen, between the words and the time you hit the “publish” icon. When God created man He put humanity in the process as a single species, then the woman. God made man in His image and separate from the animal world. The systematic role of human beings in God’s world is to act differently than animals, in terms of moral conscience, self-knowledge and in terms of “spiritual relationship” with the creator. The way we were suppose to be and the way it turned out was based on a system of trust. As a parent I know what that’s about; as a father and a son, as a husband and as a friend we all can relate to the fall! Disobedience to God’s system of values and morality is the definition of sin. When I disobeyed my parents I was restricted because trust was broken. Adam and Eve lost their communication and communion with God from eating from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The system of how to live on earth changed because of “original” sin. God’s system would be a little harsher and harder. Men had to work and woman would experience labor pains in giving birth. When we do it on our own, we still get joy in the creation of planting and giving birth, but life will be harder; we will experience loss of job, food, shelter and sometimes life itself.

Evangelical Proofs

God restores communion through our relationship with His Son Jesus Christ and when we come to him and ask Him into our hearts communion is restored. This also can be realized in community. The common union of believers and followers of Christ share His supper together. We have a system initiated by Jesus Christ of remembering His death and Resurrection by taking the bread and drinking from the cup and proclaiming the mystery of our faith. The scientific method is to take this at first as a hypothesis and when we gather as a community, a family, or a church and remember His Sacrifice. It was hypothesis at the last supper, in our human understanding, it became a theory when he went to the cross, and it became law, when Christ rose from the grave. So when we take the bread, and take the cup and proclaim that “Christ has died, Christ is Risen and Christ will come again,” we galvanize our relationship which has been restored! So when Adam and Eve lose the communion with God; Jesus restores the ability to be in communion with God and one another!



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