Wall Street down,Main Street up…

Welcome to Church Street. This is the place that has for too many years been an island filled with people who may have had an experience but have decided to converge with the people on Wall Street and Main Street. In many cities Church Street was a place where people gathered on Sunday to sing hymns and listen to some Bible Readings, grab a little communion and get ready to do battle. Wall Street and Main Street rarely were intersected with Church Street. Lets face it, on Church Street people ask “How are you?” and no one seems to really want to know on Church Street. However in the great design of things it is the place where Weddings happen, where babies are dedicated, and where funerals are planned. We give all of these things to Church Street but we so often take our finances to Wall Street and our earnings to Main Street to express what we really want from life.

What if?

What if on Church Street we could hang with others, enjoying espressos and express ourselves, jam on a few songs, watch a movie, and talk about our jobs, our spouse and our family? What if Church Street was the place where I could study with others, begin meaningful relationships, and be a place where I could find outreach opportunities? What if I could download periodicals, books, music and films that I could read, listen to and see on my laptop, cell phone or my Kindle Fire? What if on Church Street I could figure out my daily balance, plan my business and work on presentations, and meet with friends and family while enjoying a favorite coffee or tea? Then the only thing missing on Church Street is a place in every major city that I travel to where I can live this kind of life no matter where I am.

Church Street Station

As long as we play “What if?” Lets go there. What if I travel for work and Church Street was where I was? The same great coffee, the same great kiosk opportunities for studying, relationships, and outreach, and it is near my hotel, the airport or right smack dab in the middle of town. While everyone is skittish on Wall Street, the cash register is ringing on Main Street, but lives are changed on Church Street. That’s the point-anything is possible on Church Street, and your invited.




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