A cup of friendship and fellowship

I love coffee. It is a documented fact that from the time I was ten years old I grew up making, talking about and drinking coffee. As a teen the best moments I had with my parents was that it was my job to make the coffee in the morning and for an hour before I went to school and my father went to work we caught up with a cup of coffee.

Church planting
As a church planter I like to speak to churches and ministries as well as supporters with a common love for really good coffee. When my friend Brett Bixler asked me to be part of Mission Coffee and Church Coffee I jumped at the chance. No not some kind of caffeine induced shaky jumping, I’m talking about opportunity to share the gospel, raise some friends and sharing a good cup of coffee together while being in fellowship, in prayer and raising voices in praise of what God is doing.

Blended family!

The Costa Rica is a medium roast, with chocolate notes, and a near perfect balance of body and acidity. We know the farmer who taught the natives to start growing coffee beans in this rich land. They no longer work in slavery but are free entrepreneurial farmers. Brett is a fair-trade roaster and I’d like to say that he is even “more than fair.”

The Honduras is a slightly lighter roast, bright acidity but not bitter. A great traditional American cup of coffee that would please most coffee drinkers as a daily cup. The fact is that Mission Coffee and Church coffee are always roasted and delivered fresh for a just in time experience!

The French Roast is a dark roast, but not burnt or over roasted. It has amazing bitter sweet notes, with a full body, and very smooth finish. Again most of what comes from Mission Coffee can be an everyday brew. Part of what makes coffee a great fundraiser for Friendship Fellowship is that every pound you buy helps to support Friendship Fellowship and helps us to reach more people with Intellectual Disabilities in Denver and in Colorado Springs! It also is a common bond with the Caregivers and families of our special needs congregation, and it helps us train and develop mentors for our churches and in our community.

Calm down!

I don’t know about you but after 2 in the afternoon I prefer decaf! Up until now I have had a problem with the taste of decaf and that freeze dried-cleaner aftertaste. All that is different with a cup of friendship!

The Fair Trade Swiss Water Process decaf Mexican is from Chiapas Mexico. It is so good most have a hard time believing it’s a decaf. Chocolate notes, mellow acidity. Truly delicious.


We charge $ 12/bag for the regular and $ 14/bag for the decaf (though Whole Foods Markets carries out coffees in Maryland and charges $ 13.99/bag for them). The discount is good and if you commit to buying a bag a month you become a supporter of Friendship Fellowship. What’s more is that I will be glad to set up a coffee night at your church where we will do a coffee-house night explaining what we are doing, leading worship and giving your church an insiders look into the ministry of Friendship Fellowship!

$ 4 to $ 5 per bag of coffee goes to Friendship Fellowship.
One other thing that we have done in the past when we sell at farmer’s markets and church bookstores and cafes, is to offer a discount if you buy two bags, “one for $ 12 or three for $ 33.”

I invite you to be a part of our “friendship raiser,” where message, music and mission change lives, one cup at a time.


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