Friendship Leadership- An invitation

I’m sending out an invitation. I want to make the invitation open and yet I want to keep it to people who will be committed to working with me in developing a leadership team for Friendship Fellowship.

Men in the garage

As previously discussed my leadership team should be a group of guys willing to go through the triology process! They are men willing to study the Biblical motive and mindset, be in fellowship and approach one another with the love of Christ and be dedicated to reaching out  with evangelism to people with intellectual disabilities.

Friendship Fellowship

Friendship Leadership is to mentor those at Friendship Fellowship church; caregivers and family members; participate in fundraising events and sponsorship; and also help promote better communications in media.

This is the invitation and I hope you can respond soon by e-mailing Pastor Richard at


The 2012 overture

Research and Development and finishing up the year well has been part of a new beginning for the next year. In the last few weeks I have determined what my plan for this next stage of my work, home and community life would look like and there has been such a dramatic turn in the last few weeks in my perspective in reviewing and developing strengths; identifying and working on weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will be heading our way and in this exercise it has been exciting to realize that Triology has risen to the top. Our symphony is a three movement work which triples our effectiveness in schedule, gifting and financing. We stand to be three times effective when we integrate our ministry, leadership and communications areas based on God’s motive, following the approach of Jesus Christ with being powered by a the Holy Spirit. And what’s the most exciting is that it is a three year plan.

Rules for 2012:

1. Don’t look back at what you’ve done

One of the highlights of my study, relationships and outreach ministry was to come to the realization that God does not want us to look back on what we have done or what”s been done to us, but He does want us to look back on what He has done in our lives. That’s the difference between bitter roots and growing in faith. It helps us to keep short accounts and to look to Him instead. The other part of the realization is that we don’t dwell on our victories and our rewards and awards. We become gracious when He gets the glory. This also allows God to work on your weaknesses, keep your strengths in check and to depend on Him. Our grace begins with gratitude.

2. Place is important

Friendship Fellowship, Church Coffee and Media and communications have all taught me that God wants us to grow where he places us. God has a motive for your work, for your home and for your community and He has made a place to plant our orchards. This year I will be on a traveling schedule, a home stand schedule and a pastor and mentoring schedule. In the next three years we have a vision that God will continue to have me mix travel, periods of long home stands and physically plant an orchard. I will be also building leadership teams for ministry, leadership, and communications. This includes continuing to write, speak, minister and compose as well as constantly work on, correct, challenge and make changes in my ministry, my industry and my family and home life. We need to find places where Friendship Fellowship can be housed, church coffee can be brewed and where studio and mentoring can be accomplished. I want to emphasize that in the research and development phase I see that Friendship Leadership meets in the garages in our communities, that the writing, messaging and music be done in the studios, and then Friendship Fellowship be housed in a chapel and a fellowship hall and that our churches be reclaimed and be the lighthouses in our communities.

3. God’s opportunities

Finances include paying off debt, saving and being creative in our communications work. Fundraisers will include a traveling coffee house that includes our outreach of message, music and mission. Our works such as The Mass in English (Musical), our churches for people with intellectual disabilities, caregivers and their families, Friendship Fellowship, and our essays and white papers Triology are all a part of what I do. The movements in helping others like the radio stations for Music Worth Saving, the column Denver Evangelical Examiner encompass the communications field. God has also given us some ideas in helping to fund raise through  Church Coffee and establish something with Wiffle Ball Tournaments, running events and in our work with Mission Teams and Ancient Paths Evangelical Free Church and the Word and Spirit Network. Triology is defined by God’s motive and purpose, following Jesus in our approach and then being spurred on with the power of the Holy Spirit, so all of my work is Triology. I’m a Triologist!

The 2012 overture is warming up. It helps us to lead a life that yields to God’s motive, it follows the path of Jesus Christ and it is powered by a grant from the Holy Spirit. If any of these opportunities are calling out to you I invite you to be part of our team in 2012.

Integration, convergence and intersections

In this plan of ministry; leadership and communications there are times where we reach what many call a crossroads. I tend to think of the integration of heart, soul and mind as a place that instead of making choices is rather an intersection as opposed to a crossroads.

Crossroads of regrets
Crossroads often call for a choice and a time of regret that you have to choose one or the other. The separation of church and state has forced many a fine idea and mission into a crossroads for individuals and that is a tragedy. People have chosen church over state or politics over ministry and therefore the crossroads left a void in service. At an intersection faith and public service may yield to one another but there us a place of intersecting the Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical Theologies which bolster the ethical, moral and legal mindset in service and in government. That is why many ministries maintain a voice outside of the church walls and inside of the capitol walls. Public Policy and Theology may not mix at Aunt Marta’s Christmas party, but it is an essential mandate for writers, journalists and communicators of message, music and mission.

Intersection of respect

Triology is designed to be an intersection of respect. Respect to yielding to the Biblical and God’s motive of not merely knowing and reading but telling and living out the message; by systematically following the instructions, the example and the love of Jesus to a hurting world and by evangelizing in our lifestyle and what we say and do the mission that we are called to complete. Respect the road and yield to the intersection in our work, in our homes and in our communities. Study and education intersect with relationships and fellowship which intersects with outreach and mission which intersects at State Street; at Main Street and at Wall Street and in our lives. Yes, our home life intersects with our business and financial life which intersects with our church and faith life and when we are at this intersection we look at the convergence of our gifts and talents with the integration of what we say and do (integrity) and how we spend our time,talent and treasure.

If you would like to get involved with Triology: Ministry of Leadership and Communications through Friendship Fellowship, Church Coffee, Music worth Saving and other areas that intersect with the Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical studies e-mail

Reminding reveals what’s in the mind and heart

Industry. Ministry. How many degrees of separation make us think too much? Industry is only a cold, hard affiliation to bottom line goals but integrated and converging with ministry brings the heart, mind and soul together. In my circles there is the heart to art and practicing great “heartistry” with business planning and industry standards the heart and mind come together with our relational thinking and doing which makes any industry transform into a “Min-dustry,” with an emphasis on the mind.


The Hebrew word for mind is lebh, “Heart” is nephesh the words are closely linked together. Industry is often associated with great minds and art is often associated with open and creative hearts. But it is more than that. Industry by itself rarely starts a movement. Art on it’s own rarely starts a revolution. One of the great Biblical and Systematic processes can be found in Romans 12, when Paul writes that the transformation process comes from a “renewing of your mind.”  In yesterdays devotion and column we talked about “renewing your art.” The point is that when you put “re” in front of any word it means to “look at something with new eyes,” in a new way.  Renew, reveal,receive, reconcile! What if we actually did look at those things as a redo!  We get to plan what God has given us to do for next year when we write our business and ministry plans. My goal is to renew my art, to revive my industry (media and communications), and to act more like a heartist in a renewable mindustry. (Say that 5 times fast.)


Redefining is what Triology is all about. Seeing theology with new eyes in what God’s motive is for our work; how to follow Jesus and His approach, and how to fill and be refilled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The mind, the heart and the soul need to be renewed, revealed, and refilled to start a movement and that goes for industry and arts, and in business planning. Then it is only possible to realize a revolutionary new start to our work, to homes, and in our communities. The definition of mind in Hebrew is a combination of moral and ethical thinking and doing. One of our main goals at Triology is to remind each other that it is important to “remind one another to renew our minds on a daily basis.

The Garage- Revealed

For Friendship Leadership I plan to lead coffee houses where we worship, study the Word, and encourage one another to be in relational fellowship, and all-out outreach. That is renewing our minds. I call the place where we improve our serve-The Garage. The Garage is where we will develop leaders and mentors.

Friendship Fellowship-Renewed

The ministry of Friendship Fellowship is to renew the way we look at the Great Commission by redefining the all and the go  orders and going and telling it to people who are considered intellectually disabled and where they can experience the love of God-through us.

Go tell it

Triology is also about communications and evangelism. Practicing the evangelical lifestyle in what we think, what we say and what we do is part of my media relationships. The message, the music and the mission are all about telling it in the Mountain time zone, the Atlantic and the Pacific time-zones and all points beyond and in-between. In 2012 we need to keep reminding ourselves that the biblical, Systematic and Evangelical process is about what we think, how we treat one another, and what we say and do.

To get involved with Triology at Friendship Fellowship; Church and Mission Coffee, or Briargate Media please e-mail Richard Beattie at




Triology outline

Triology- The Biblical, Systematic, and Evangelical Theologies
Correction, Challenge and Change
Ministry, Leadership, Communications
Friends, Caregivers, and Family

Their time, our time and the bridge-interpretation
Message Music and Mission
Mindset, Approach, Power
Interpretation, Application, Action
Worship, Arts, Lifestyle
Home, Work, Community
Invitation, Mentoring, Leadership

A renewing of your art!

The application and process of human skills to produce a pleasing effect is the purist definition of the arts. In the Business-Ministry plan of Triology in 2012 this process of art and mind has been a study of what convergence in the theology for the community of God. This is a study in relationships and outreach to others through the art of worship. There is a brief history of the origins of art, the correction in art and the challenges we have as believers through the arts. This is more than art appreciation it is full participation in worship through arts and communications as designed by God. This is a call to a “renewing of your art,” and my fun new word is not so much the humanist definition of artistry, but instead when God is involved in renewing your mind and heart we can define what he does with your Heartistry!

The Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical Arts
In the Old Testament there is an emphasis on literature and music. The blending of the aural arts with God’s word can be found in several genres of Biblical text including the psalms where we can ascertain were to be sung to certain known melodies and notated as to be “accompanied by musical instruments.” Israel was developed through literature and song and architecture. From creation in Genesis to the stories of failures, false-art and idolatry there is a Biblical definition of art, there is a systematic process in our literature, our architecture and our music, and there is an evangelical mandate to communicate the gospel through our words, music and our space and places of worship. The Study of Art forms must be Biblical to be art, it must be systematically and theologically right in relationship through our creative process and it must not be selfish, self-absorbing but instead given with an open hand in relationship to God’s motive (Creation, recreation and pro-creation), through following the approach of Jesus (parables and temple analogies, communion) and in power with the Holy Spirit (performance, the art form, the communication of the Word.)

American Idolatry
In Exodus 20:4 Israel began dismantling a part of spatial art. Sculpture, drawing and painting were too often associated with the artificial and phony gods and graven images were seen as worship of self and away from the true God. The early church commissioned wonderful works of worship that are preserved and looked upon as divine. Again like the Israelite s the events leading up to the Reformation had the church misusing the arts, through the sin of selling indulgences to pay for the next building project, or symphonic Mass and even a sculpture or painting project. In the process the American Idolatry has looked more for the self-absorbed, the agendas of arts and creativity purposely separated from the Creator and that is what our endowments have bought us. It is the thing that “we make it,” it is the art that “we are gifted in,” and it is a message that has dulled the creativity because it lacks the power and anointing that only the Trinity can inspire.

Called to art
The calling to convergence is the convergence of the mindset that God created us with through Biblical Thought and creativity, with following the approach of the Master, Jesus Christ and how he relates to God the Father and the Human Race, the Lamb of God who brings clarity to our art forms. The convergence of the power of the Holy Spirit in filling, emptying through the sharing and evangelism and refilling the well and communicating message, music and mission is an exciting thing!

Church of the Arts
It is time to reclaim the places and architecture God commands us to come to and be in relationship. To study his literature, a living literature that defines our comedies, our tragedies, our hero fantasies of a God who would save you and me! To continue the telling of the story through song (take some of the Christmas songs that bring out deep theology) Our churches should begin to look more like galleries of the spatial arts with worship being sung, played, acted out and shared in community. The stained glass that reflects God’s story, the sculpture and yes the architecture too.

Friendship Fellowship
At Friendship Fellowship we are aware that people with intellectual disabilities have been denied the richness of the art of the church. They have not been welcomed in our sanctuaries and they have been regulated to windowless rooms with glorified baby sitters. Place is key to spiritual renewal for all of us. The architecture matters, the worship matters, the prayer matters and the homily and message matters. Why? Because it is all in relationship with God and in the community that we share our common union with one another. When we re-new, when we re-vive, when we re-structure, reveal or resend, it is looking at a subject, topic, person, or idea with new eyes, a new perspective. Today I submit to you that we re-look at our pre-disposition to the arts. I’d love to hear what you think.

If you would like to get involved in Friendship Fellowship we would love to have you. E-Mail Pastor Richard at Tomorrow is turning our industries into Min-dustries!

Triology is Friendship, Mission and Communications

This part of the public business and ministry plan of Triology will not delve in numbers, but the private business plan does. Yes there are the typical financial forecasts, the cash flow and other accounting pieces that can be found for our partners and friends, our bankers and our mission team. The main idea is that Triology is a creative, production and distributor in studies, relationship building and outreach materials that include a product line that fosters commerce, outreach, relationships, and evangelical lifestyle.

Triology Communications is a digital publisher that is funded by affiliated advertising and marketing of only products that we have tested and reviewed. We create radio and TV ads for these advertisers and for a few we are the distributor for them. We partner with, Friendship Ministries, Mission Coffee Roasters (Church Coffee) and The Wiffle Ball Inc. directly and for the rest we are affiliates with Link Share, the affiliated company. We test and review products that we will be posting to both East Coast Cafe, Denver Evangelical Examiner, and syndicating through World News and other review sites. When a Christian Life radio clicks on the link and buys the product, a portion of the purchase goes to our missions work.

Friendship Fellowship is part of Ancient Paths and Word and Spirit Church networks. It is designed to help people with Intellectual disabilities, their caregivers and families establish a relationship with God and full participation in the community in a “special church for people with special needs.” Friendship Fellowship has two meeting places including Washington Park Chapel in Denver, and a new church plant in Colorado Springs which will be opening on Easter 2012. Legal description of the organization is a not for profit church and a mission organization. Friendship Fellowship pastoral and mentor staff has to raise their own support. This is primarily from the supporting churches and private donations and coffee sales. Summer missions for youth in Denver and now Wiffle ball Tournaments are also fundraising events that we are considering for fundraisers that will benefit starting new Friendship Fellowships in other churches around the country.

Integration of Ministry, Leadership and Communications
Our product line is all about finding the right product and media that helps people to study the Bible, be in relationship with God, follow Jesus, and be filled and powered by the Holy Spirit. Triology is all about reviewing, endorsing and creating access for people to live an evangelical lifestyle. We welcome writers, songwriters, producers and entrepreneurs to submit their work for review.