My mission plan, your business model, our common-union

Mission: My mission is in leading ministries, businesses and people to accomplish their common mission and unique calling through communications; strategy and vision.

Purpose: When every leader sees themselves as a minister first, then every resource; client; and worker will be a partner in accomplishing a bigger purpose in building up families; friendships; marriages and the church- we will accomplish together more than we could ever pray for.

When you see our community through a Biblical, Systematic, and Evangelical theological perspective you create a synergy that banks on the success of others through mentoring; investing in people; who will compelled to change and then become the change agents in our community.

Executive Summary
By learning from past failures and pinpointing when I compromised my economic, personal, and relational values, I ushered in a painful and slow death of a company that was founded on being a “trusted messenger.” Thinking and believing did not translate to giving in to faster and better through technology. Short cuts doomed us and the only way out was to bail out. The fallout was that I need to pay off the mistakes-which is the cost of compromising your values in any area,consequences happen. The lesson I learned is not to worry about being a CEO, a Director or the product. No, the message is that I am a Minister and servant leader and a communicator. So my title is Richard Beattie: Minister and Servant Leader of Communications. 

Past and Present Clients

From Focus on the Family, Promise Keepers, Heritage Builders and The National Day of Prayer I have created media through writing, producing and syndicating radio, television and publishing as well as advertising campaigns for their efforts. I have worked with churches; non-profits, corporate, retail, medical and financial industries as well. As a journalist I have written for and have also worked with Yahoo: Associated Content. As a musician I have composed music scores and themes for PBS, CBS, Jack Hannah Animal Adventures, and International media networks. Currently I am the media representative at Briargate Media in charge of building relationships and integrating, syndicating and providing media from Focus on the Family with East Coast; Canada, and European media outlets. I am the Communications Director for Mission Coffee Roasters and  Church Coffee which raises money and roasts really good coffee for missions and changes lives “one cup at a time.” The third part of my current affairs is planting and being the pastor of Friendship Fellowship Church which reaches people with special needs their caregivers and their families in Colorado Springs and in Denver by utilizing the curriculum of Friendship Ministries International of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Last year my branding statement was “Message, Music and Missions.” That is still the nutshell version. In 2012 I think my educational degrees define what I want to do when I grow up which is: Ministry, Leadership and Communications. This is the reason why I am a student and mentor/teacher of Triology: Biblical Mindset, Systematic Approach and Evangelical Lifestyle.


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