Three point line- with these three points you win

The three key working points of a business, ministry and mission plan are these three things:

Identity- The ministry of leadership and communication must be identified with motive, approach and powerful ideas that can’t be shaken. On time delivery, clutch availability, and creative answers to complex problems are how I want to be perceived. I want to be identified with loving God with all my heart soul and mind, and loving my neighbor as I love myself. Defining love is the key and how it works but I also want to be known as correctable, ready for a challenge and a change agent. So at Briargate Media I want to be known as a person who not only knows the industry trends but is ready to integrate the delicate balance of gaining audience without selling my soul or the donors time, talent and treasure.

At Mission Coffee and Church Coffee: I want to help the farmers who are battling drug cartels and have spilled blood to operate coffee farms around the world with integrity. Fair Trade supports a coffee farmer and his family in a volatile environment, where as before we were buying beans from them they had little choice but to be slaves of the cartels and oppressors. At Friendship Fellowship, it’s meeting people where they are, giving them the keys to salvation and coming alongside the people who care for them and training mentors and empowering them to minister to people with special needs.

My ministry identity, my leadership identity, my business and communications identity is integrated by my motive, approach and being powered by the Holy Spirit.

My market is the second part of the understanding process: If you are reading this, or listening to me, if you are invited to worship with us and you are watching what God is doing with me and my team, then you are our market. I have seen people reach understanding, compassion and understanding by listening to one of our media feeds. I have seen men and women have a passion for drinking really good coffee with the understanding that God is using it for the mission. I have been able to communicate that when the great commission says all nations, that Jesus was talking about people with disabilities, intellectual and physical.

Strategic Focus: At Briargate it’s to increase the audience, reach out to the media providers and it’s creative, production, and distribution. The Gospel can’t be heard without those three ingredients. People won’t read bad creative, or listen, watch or be compelled by mediocre production standards, and they won’t be reached without tapping into all media platforms in the process. our strategic focus is to provide intriguing and surprising creative and ideas; knock your socks off production , and on demand, ready to read, listen to and view pieces that have them come back for more.

For Mission Coffee and church Coffee it’s the same: to provide a great coffee drinking experience; to help farmers in all areas of the world support their families, and to raise money for missions and churches. This also speaks to SRO (Study, Relationships and Outreach) which are the key points to small groups and life groups in our communities. When you reach the communities with an idea of studying God’s Word, being in relationship at coffee houses, homes and church, you unleash couples, families and individuals into reaching out in other areas of our neighborhoods. This also speaks to the outreach we are starting at Friendship Fellowship. It encourages outreach not only to people with special needs, but the professional caregivers, the families and the community adopting and mentoring people in the church. I am fond of saying that “invitation is nine tenths of outreach,” and it is also the main ingredient that sparks excellent communication, marketing, and strategic focus. Our demographic and our market is our mission fields. We do it by contacting and inviting people to air our programs, subscribe to our studies, raise funds for their missions and study, get into relationship within your communities and practice all out: outreach.


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