Big breakthroughs happen in threes

If my mission is to be a minister, leader and a communicator by continually to study God’s Word, systematically practice following a Christ-like approach; and be powered by a grant from the Holy Spirit, the big breakthroughs in that regard will be accomplished with accomplishing three objectives for each on a daily basis. In my personal ministry, business and community plan It is building and accomplishing three objectives a day for my ministry; for my leadership, and for my communications objectives. Ministry is Friendship Fellowship; Leadership is responsibility in mentoring; as a husband and a father at home; as a community leader and as a leader of my church. Communications is my field and  it helps to be ready with the message, be worshipful in the music, and be financially solvent to go on the mission!

Integral Objectives

With Communications as my livelihood, my craft and my work, it is important that communications is also an outreach. We are more than our Press Releases when we are communicating message, music and mission and we are not communicating our agenda or creative slants on anything. It is important to know that there are three things a day we try to accomplish and that they are specific to each specialty. It is even more important that each objective is integrated into the whole person and the whole ministry. Integrated means with integrity. I handle everything with the same standards and every part with character. And so when I write down the 3 objectives for every day and every aspect of my specialty, it means that I will place the same standards at home, at work and in my community.

Three daily standards


Be Biblical; Systematic and Evangelical

Read or listen to: Three Biblical Chapters

Write down: three things God is saying and integrate them into my objectives

Write one new worship chorus a day and learn one hymn a day

Leadership: Relationships

Lead, build and mentor

Lead a group in study or devotion

Write a sermon or commentary a day

Present and invite people into my work and build a team

Communications: Outreach

Read, Listen, and View

Pray for the community

Publish, record or show what God is up to

Point people in the right direction by communicating God’s word and what it means to us.

Breakthrough Quarterly Goals (First Quarter) January -March 2012

First Quarter-Ministry: Friendship Fellowship

1. Build leadership team (mentor, elder board)

2. Finish Ordination Thesis (Triology)

3. Plant and Pastor Friendship Springs

Breakthrough Quarterly Goals (Second Quarter) April-June 2012

1. Raise Support (speaking, writing, fundraisers)

2.  Inner City Missions – Denver

3. Train leaders and mentors

Breakthrough Quarterly Goals (Third Quarter) July- September

1. Inner city Missions (Denver)

2. Brainstorm on new outreach for 2013

3. Leadership summit

Breakthrough Quarterly Goals (Fourth Quarter) October-December

1. Purchase curriculum

2. Agency review

3. Mission studies and reports for new outreach in 2013

Tomorrow we will look at leadership and communications goals for 2012.


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