Objectives, goals and breakthroughs

The mission is set; the goals are being set forth with a clear understanding of where we are going as a church. This leads to breakthroughs and as we continue to examine the strengths, the weakness, the opportunities and the threats we do this for everyone of our avenues that we are going down in 2012.

Job 1- Finish my ordination thesis (to be completed by January 1, 2012)

Personally I need to complete my theology thesis for ordination. The title is Triology and it is a full analysis of Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical Theology and it answers a series of questions with theological studies on the nature of God, the motive of God, the approach of Jesus Christ and how to follow that approach and then the power and authority of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The beauty of this is that my job as a pastor is to communicate these truths and break them down in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities; their caregivers and their families.What is helpful is that the curriculum that we use from Friendship Ministries contains three main units about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and what that means in our lives. We communicate this through intimate and unplugged worship, a craft, fellowship, story and message. Full participation in the relationship is the goal.

Job 2- Find a place to plant the church

In conversations we have settled on the West side and more importantly we are looking at Old Colorado City. There is a Victorian house that was used as a Catholic coffee house right in the middle Old Colorado City. Place is a very important aspect for special needs people. Too often they have been shut out from churches in their lives and a traditional chapel and fellowship hall being presented to them as “their church” is a huge and positive change for their lives. A coffee house atmosphere might work and since Brett Bixler is on my ad board and he is a leading coffee roaster who just moved to our area and is setting up his export business.Working with Word and Spirit Network is part of the answer to finding a place

Job 3- Advisory and Mentor Board

I have a number of people I have asked from people who we have done life with who could serve on an ad board. Since it is informal I am happy to say that many have met with me informally. I need accountability from men who I trust and who know me and still love me the same even though they do know me!

Job 4- Raising support, funds and friends

Ancient Paths and Mountain Springs help bring in 7000-8000 a year. This is lower than we expected and so this is an area that I hope to double through coffee sales; through leading the Denver inner-city mission that we will be doing for the third year and then also speaking and consulting churches with starting Friendship in their own churches.I will also begin meeting with agencies and state officials to begin to help families take care of their loved ones and have a church be in their corner for practical and spiritual support.

These are the big issues for Friendship Fellowship and I believe that a time line that will outline the next three months I need to begin to work with the new campus for Mountain Springs, continue to help Denver Friendship Fellowship grow and to continue to study God’s word, build relationships and plan outreach in Colorado Springs.


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