Triology’s latest piece

As a minister in leadership and communications the business model is like my core belief system. The goals for 2012 begin with getting the old bills paid, building relationships and reaching out to the communities that are on my mission map. So there are three ways of applying the work:

For ministry it’s Friendship Fellowship which is a non-profit church associated with the Word and Spirit Church Network and Ancient Paths Evangelical Free Church.

This includes the existing church in Denver that is housed in Washington Park Chapel.

It also includes a West Colorado Springs church plant in which I am negotiating with a lease, building a leadership team and writing my ordination paper. Friendship Fellowship is a church for people with intellectual disabilities, caregivers, and their families. We also reach out to equip mentors and train leaders in discipleship, through study, relationship building and outreach. From a theological standpoint it includes the SRO of Biblical Theology which brings the study of God’s Word as the cornerstone of our relationship with God the Father. This speaks to the Motive and the Mindset of God.

Triology is also encompasses and integrates my work with business, missions and ministries through Church and Mission Coffee. This is the fundraising portion of Triology that systematically reaches people through coffeehouses, resource development, and digital publishing. I am the communications director for Church Coffee and my job is to reach out to churches nationwide with coffee as a fundraiser and a ministry in the community. This is integrated with Friendship Fellowship as a message, music and mission work as I travel around the country as an advocate of full-church membership and participation to people with intellectual disabilities and raise support for my mission at the same time. The Systematic Theology of going through the process and following the approach of Jesus. Following the approach of Jesus is coming to grips with the systems of prayer; worship; healing, entrepreneurship as ministry, and practicing the Fruits of the Spirit. That’s what the orchard’s caregiver does. He invests, he trains and mentors, he prays, he plants and talks to God and he expresses gratitude in all things. That’s the kind of leader I want to be and entrepreneurial orchard manager that you will know from what kind of fruit my trees bear.

Triology is the ministry of leadership and communications because it stresses the ministry, the leadership and the communications gift and call that I feel strongly about. The communications piece is also strongly related to Evangelical Theology, the theology in action. It is the Great Commission of telling all. “Go tell it on the mountain,” and help others to do the same. There should be a drop of gospel in every message, broadcast, book or periodical. There should be a hope in every technological advance be it the internet, social marketing or the three point sermon.

Coming alongside is a part of this mission. Ron Maxwell asked me to work with him to develop this and there are some exciting ideas that will help us “tell it on the mountain,” or on the street corner at the coffeehouse, church or row house.

Triology is related to our calling:

Friendship Fellowship
Ministry/ Biblical Theology (Study, relational, outreach)

Church Coffee/Mission Coffee
Leadership/ Systematic (process, business planning, empowering)

Briargate Media
Communications/Evangelical: message, media, mission

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