Triology is Friendship, Mission and Communications

This part of the public business and ministry plan of Triology will not delve in numbers, but the private business plan does. Yes there are the typical financial forecasts, the cash flow and other accounting pieces that can be found for our partners and friends, our bankers and our mission team. The main idea is that Triology is a creative, production and distributor in studies, relationship building and outreach materials that include a product line that fosters commerce, outreach, relationships, and evangelical lifestyle.

Triology Communications is a digital publisher that is funded by affiliated advertising and marketing of only products that we have tested and reviewed. We create radio and TV ads for these advertisers and for a few we are the distributor for them. We partner with, Friendship Ministries, Mission Coffee Roasters (Church Coffee) and The Wiffle Ball Inc. directly and for the rest we are affiliates with Link Share, the affiliated company. We test and review products that we will be posting to both East Coast Cafe, Denver Evangelical Examiner, and syndicating through World News and other review sites. When a Christian Life radio clicks on the link and buys the product, a portion of the purchase goes to our missions work.

Friendship Fellowship is part of Ancient Paths and Word and Spirit Church networks. It is designed to help people with Intellectual disabilities, their caregivers and families establish a relationship with God and full participation in the community in a “special church for people with special needs.” Friendship Fellowship has two meeting places including Washington Park Chapel in Denver, and a new church plant in Colorado Springs which will be opening on Easter 2012. Legal description of the organization is a not for profit church and a mission organization. Friendship Fellowship pastoral and mentor staff has to raise their own support. This is primarily from the supporting churches and private donations and coffee sales. Summer missions for youth in Denver and now Wiffle ball Tournaments are also fundraising events that we are considering for fundraisers that will benefit starting new Friendship Fellowships in other churches around the country.

Integration of Ministry, Leadership and Communications
Our product line is all about finding the right product and media that helps people to study the Bible, be in relationship with God, follow Jesus, and be filled and powered by the Holy Spirit. Triology is all about reviewing, endorsing and creating access for people to live an evangelical lifestyle. We welcome writers, songwriters, producers and entrepreneurs to submit their work for review.


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