Reminding reveals what’s in the mind and heart

Industry. Ministry. How many degrees of separation make us think too much? Industry is only a cold, hard affiliation to bottom line goals but integrated and converging with ministry brings the heart, mind and soul together. In my circles there is the heart to art and practicing great “heartistry” with business planning and industry standards the heart and mind come together with our relational thinking and doing which makes any industry transform into a “Min-dustry,” with an emphasis on the mind.


The Hebrew word for mind is lebh, “Heart” is nephesh the words are closely linked together. Industry is often associated with great minds and art is often associated with open and creative hearts. But it is more than that. Industry by itself rarely starts a movement. Art on it’s own rarely starts a revolution. One of the great Biblical and Systematic processes can be found in Romans 12, when Paul writes that the transformation process comes from a “renewing of your mind.”  In yesterdays devotion and column we talked about “renewing your art.” The point is that when you put “re” in front of any word it means to “look at something with new eyes,” in a new way.  Renew, reveal,receive, reconcile! What if we actually did look at those things as a redo!  We get to plan what God has given us to do for next year when we write our business and ministry plans. My goal is to renew my art, to revive my industry (media and communications), and to act more like a heartist in a renewable mindustry. (Say that 5 times fast.)


Redefining is what Triology is all about. Seeing theology with new eyes in what God’s motive is for our work; how to follow Jesus and His approach, and how to fill and be refilled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The mind, the heart and the soul need to be renewed, revealed, and refilled to start a movement and that goes for industry and arts, and in business planning. Then it is only possible to realize a revolutionary new start to our work, to homes, and in our communities. The definition of mind in Hebrew is a combination of moral and ethical thinking and doing. One of our main goals at Triology is to remind each other that it is important to “remind one another to renew our minds on a daily basis.

The Garage- Revealed

For Friendship Leadership I plan to lead coffee houses where we worship, study the Word, and encourage one another to be in relational fellowship, and all-out outreach. That is renewing our minds. I call the place where we improve our serve-The Garage. The Garage is where we will develop leaders and mentors.

Friendship Fellowship-Renewed

The ministry of Friendship Fellowship is to renew the way we look at the Great Commission by redefining the all and the go  orders and going and telling it to people who are considered intellectually disabled and where they can experience the love of God-through us.

Go tell it

Triology is also about communications and evangelism. Practicing the evangelical lifestyle in what we think, what we say and what we do is part of my media relationships. The message, the music and the mission are all about telling it in the Mountain time zone, the Atlantic and the Pacific time-zones and all points beyond and in-between. In 2012 we need to keep reminding ourselves that the biblical, Systematic and Evangelical process is about what we think, how we treat one another, and what we say and do.

To get involved with Triology at Friendship Fellowship; Church and Mission Coffee, or Briargate Media please e-mail Richard Beattie at





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