lives one cup at a time!

Remember the coffee pot at church? (sounds of a percolator) Down in the basement of the 16th Street Baptist Church, it was noisy, percolated and you can taste the city water, rusted pipes in every Styrofoam cup. (Yuck!) That’s what I thought was “church coffee.”
(jazz music bed)
Until– I go to church and I think I’ve been saved through the ministry of a Barista!

What’s more Church coffee is a fair trade roaster that is mission minded, biblically based and Halleluiah Jubi-latte! And a portion of the money paid for every cup, every bag and every drop goes to ministry- like Friendship Fellowship and your church. Go to and tell them you heard it here.

Oh and by the way—just in case you don’t have a coffee bar at your church—Church Coffee and Mission Coffee Roasters has everything you need plus consulting. That’s a change from the ‘Fellowship in the basement church” that I grew up with- Church Coffee: Changing lives one cup at a time.

Church Coffee is an affiliate sponsor of Friendship Fellowship at Friendship Special churches for people with special needs.


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