The orchard in your town

Make All Things New for His Glory

God’s plan is that “none should perish” and it is up to us to play a part in that plan through prayer, message and be practicing and doing the “Great Commission.” (Mark 16:15-18) When we “go into all the world,” (or just on our block), and “preach the good news to all creation” (or just the old guy who lives down the street) we are taking what once was an impossibility at the Fall, during Creation and we are redeeming God’s plan for humanity! We are working on a piece that will be published next week called “What part of “Go” didn’t you understand?”

Seed Analogy

Our role in God’s plan is to plant the seeds in His orchard. Yes it is up to Him to correct, and to water and nurture the seeds that he asks us to plant. He nurtures the seeds through us and the church, and God grows new life but He also prunes and corrects and the uncorrectable get cut out and burned in the fire. The rest rise to a new challenge and by their “fruit you will know them.” The continued growth of the redeemed (seeds), go through the process of transformation with a renewing of mind, of heart and of Spirit. As that happens we continually grow by a decreasing of our soul and ego and an increase in Christ in us.


When our minds, hearts and our souls are changed by Jesus we are correctable enough to see God’s will and mindset for His resources. We can then arise to the challenge of being stewards of the earth that God created and compelled and powered through prayer, action, and living a new life in Christ. We worship God the Creator instead of God’s creation! As stewards of the earth God uses us through our time, talents and treasure that He provides to us. This is again the Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical Theologies that we are called to.

The Systematic is that renewing of our minds, how Jesus prayed and did nothing a part from the Father and in doing so showed generations of people His purpose and plan. In the end we not only described the nature of the Holy Spirit, there is a description on How God uses us when we are filled and refilled in the context of ministry and mission. This relates to the Evangelical purposes of our lives and the lives of the Evangelical Free Church. It also relates to all those who practice studying God’s Word, following the approach of Jesus Christ and who are “powered by a grant from the Holy Spirit.”


By their fruit you shall know them. So today what will I produce? What pursuits am I gathering then,

If it won’t produce the truth- What kind of fruit? RB 01.03.11.






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