Full Disclosure in Honesty Statement

Denver: The children who recited the words from John 3:16 during the CBS televised Patriot’s Bronco Game were a refreshing break from the insurance, beer and cinema ads that so often take up our time in-between quarters, booth reviews and injury time-outs. “For God so loved the world that he sent his only son…” Google that-and you will find the complete verse from Bible gateway- in whatever version you care to read. I think the best thing about it is that we have a group of children who weren’t worried about the separation of “Word and Game,” or privacy statements- there was full disclosure. Sure there’s confidentiality and that should always be honored in ministry, in leadership and communications. But as a former copywriter I believe that this TV commercial added enough commentary from kids (see the close-up of the little girl as she says “Wow”) and a clear invitation that God not only loves you- but he desires a relationship with you. That’s what evangelism is really all about. Sure through the poetry the message may seem hidden. but read the Gospel of John all the way through and learn God’s motive for your life, follow the approach of Jesus Christ and find out what it means to be filled, emptied and filled again by the Holy Spirit, and you could discover something that you didn’t see on the “Discount-double check.”  What’s in it for you? EVERYTHING!

Privacy Statements

It’s that time of year where the Denver Evangelical Examiner sends his “Honesty Policy.” In your mailbox you receive dozens of “privacy policies,” from the legal departments of your insurance company, your health care provider, your bank and your credit card accounts. They are written from the covered calls of legalists who bring you up to date on all the “very fine print.” Privacy statements protect who you are doing business with and that they will not disclosure anything that could get them sued.

Public Labels

The Denver Evangelical Examiner has a policy too. It is an “honesty policy.” This year I promise that I will give you full disclosure and interpretation IN CONTEXT of God’s word, in this column, at my church and in the public square, at my office, in my home and in my community. That is full disclosure- no fine print but like the commercial with the children that aired Saturday night – “it is full disclosure.” I want to level with you and I want to report through a Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical lens, that brings truth and honesty to the mix.”

Disclaimer and Side effects

“God so loved the world that he sent his only son, so that everyone who has faith in him may not die, but have eternal life.” If the legal department gets a hold of this they might have to issue this disclaimer:

“Not all people believe that God sent his only son, and you may or may not have faith. Some people who you expected to see in heaven may not be there and some may be there that you wouldn’t expect to be there. This is not the opinion of this station but is paid for by followers of Christ which while some of us may or may not be, we are not associated with this advertisement. We also do not express judgment and reserve our opinion on this matter so that you may form your own opinion. Side effects may include shortness of breath, raising arms to the sky and in some but not all cases speaking in tongues. We reserve your right to privacy and non-disclosure agreements.”

As the little girl says at the end of the John 3:16 commercial- “Wow!”

You may see the ad at http://www.focusonthefamily.com.











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