You are invited on a mission trip to Denver

This coming summer there will be kids taking it to the streets of Denver. There is a movement happening that is addressing every issue that your town is facing. Pastor Bruce Duell of Ancient Paths Church Network is heading up the annual mission trip. Ancient Paths is a network of HOUSE churches that are in key neighborhoods including Five Points, City Park, and park Hill. The mission trips bring teens and students from all over the country to Denver.

Mission Denver

Duell writes, “We pray that both those who come to serve and those being served can experience the love of Jesus and be changed.” Duell continues “Our desire is that mission teams will gain from being trained on poverty issues, racial reconciliation; reaching “our Samaria” through work and service projects, prayer walking East Colfax, evangelism and outreach. One of the continuing projects is Friendship Fellowship which is a church for people with intellectual disabilities, their caregivers and their family members.

A changing world

“Before our youth group came (to Denver) last summer I never thought about walking outside and talking to people and just listening to their story in love,” one participant wrote. “I will never be the same and I am so grateful for the chance to have come down,” she continued.

After further examination

A goal of this columnist is to report on things that my readers can get involved in. Ancient Paths is a network of House churches that reaches out to the urban poor and is in the neighborhoods. They are part of the Evangelical Free Church of America, but don’t let that fool you. “We are a part of the body and we welcome every Bible preaching church to join with us in this ministry.

The mission weeks available are June 4th-8th; June 11th-15th and July 23rd-27th. If you would like to be a part of their ministry or would like to bring a group to Denver this summer please call Bruce Duell at 720.690.8900.


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