Friendship Fellowship is a central cause

Cause Central is a coop of ministry, leaders and communications specialists, who are working together on projects from church planting, studies, relationship building and training and outreach. Along the Front Range Pastor and Cause Central leader Richard Beattie is initiating a challenge to churches- “You provide the space,time and the people and I will help you start a church initiative to reach out to the thousands of adults with intellectual disabilities, their caregivers and their family members along the Front Range.” In fact Friendship Fellowship has begun in Denver at Washington Park Chapel (Tenesssee and Pearl) every Wednesday morning at 10:30. Ancient Paths Evangelcial Free Church is the sponsor and the provider of this church service and outreach which began in June of 2010.

Word and Spirit Church

The Revolution of Love in Colorado Springs through the Word and Spirit Church Network is the next stop for Friendship Fellowship. Starting March 7, Friendship Fellowship Mountain Springs will begin a Wednesday night service inviting agencies, group and host homes from 6:30 -7:30. “Mountain Springs Summit Center will be our equipping grounds for churches, leaders and mentors.” We begin at 6 on Wednesday with an overview of the church and what the weekly service will accomplish.” The vision is that there will be a Friendship Fellowship church meeting in every county along the Front Range in the next five years, and a mentor for each one of our friends.” By Easter 2012 they will be launching a second Colorado Springs Friendship Fellowship on the West Side.

If you would like more information or would like an invitation to Friendship Fellowship in Denver, Colorado Springs or interested in starting Friendship Fellowship in your church please e-mail


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