Music worth saving heard right here

Denver: Oldies are big in Colorado. When we look at the formats for stations there are many but there are also two each for every genre. Last week on KOA 850 the talk show host Michael Brown had Barry Fey the founder of Feyline Concerts on last week. It was nostalgic but it also pointed out that while the music was important it is not the most important thing in any society. Fey bemoaned the fact that there are so many of the rockers he admired who died at young ages and Michael Brown agreed. It is sad that so many did burn out at young ages and while the rest are on the stage way too often a lot of the messages that were sung have lasted and are as self-destructive as the artists themselves. “they’ll never be another Tommy Bolin, Jimmie Hendrix, Janis Joplin,” Fey often says. The answer to his lament is that “they were all made in the image of God, and so are the artists that are unique in their own ways. Yes, I agree that the thrill is gone when I listen to music today. When we hear an oldie we are transported back in time and that can be good and bad for the listener.
Music Worth Saving
Ron Maxwell, who lives in Florida does a great morning show. In the same idea as Barry Fey he is going through his archives from Moody Radio and is compiling a set list of “music worth saving.” Seems a Moody station was going silent a few years back and Ron was beginning to throw LP’s in a dumpster and he asked himself “I wonder of any of these are worth saving?” He called corporate headquarters who told him he could do whatever he felt was the right thing to do and now a storage locker, an internet connection and a lot of listening hours later has given birth to an organization and a few online radio stations. When you go to the website there are a few stations according to genre and format. You can hear all of them by going to :

The Denver Connection

Why does this fit into a Denver media and arts column? The music that Ron has chosen sound a lot like the old KWBI from Morrison. If you could remember where you were when you were first saved and what songs you were listening in the eighties and the nineties this will serve you well. And the fact that “music worth saving” is on the web makes it accessible to Denverites who might remember the old KWBI which is now a KLOVE station.


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