End of a column

Would you be willing to share a life-changing story with your listeners?

You may have heard about Focus on the Family’s “John 3:16” TV commercial that aired during the NFL Divisional Playoffs. But did you hear about the child who gave his life to Christ as a result?

If you would like to tell this story — in your own words — we’ve attached actualities and a brief suggested script for your use. We also invite your listeners to contact Focus on the Family for a free CD or download of an entire 28-minute broadcast which is dedicated solely to sharing the Gospel.

We realize that this is an unusual request, but this is a one-of-a-kind story that has opened doors to sharing the Gospel in many unusual places. And we’d like to offer this rare opportunity to you and your listeners.

If you have the opportunity to use this brief segment, please let us know by responding here.

Thank you for helping families thrive — eternally.

In the end I will cease publishing the Denver Media and Arts column starting now. I can be found at the Denver Evangelical Examiner and The National Prayer Examiner as long as they can take my poetics and my story telling including quotes from letters. But we’ll see. I am exceeding the readership in my categories.

Richard Beattie
Media Representative


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