Cause Central: Message, Music and Mission

Colorado: On January 25, 2012 I announced the formation of a fundraising, marketing and public relations firm we are calling Cause Central. We are the digital publishing firm for Friendship Fellowship; Ancient Paths House Church, Mission Coffee Roasters and Church Coffee as well as the organizer of mission fundraisers for churches, ministries and foundations. Some of the fundraising areas that we work in is through coffee sales, Wiffle Ball Leagues and Tournaments and affiliated advertising for websites and for broadcasting. We are also have a speaker’s bureau and consultant team that will have experts available to speak at churches in a coffee house setting complete with coffee sales that benefit our ministry interests and missionaries. In the week after we announced “our causes” we have had responses and are adding ministry partners on a daily basis. This includes key measurable indicators we call RLV (reads, listens and views) a media must for tracking and ministering, leading and communications management.

Our causes:
Friendship Fellowship is a church for people with special needs, their caregivers and family members. There is an existing church in Denver that meets at Washington Park Chapel at Pearl and Tennessee on Wednesday mornings at 10:30. Coming this Spring there will be two new churches for Friendship Fellowship in Colorado Springs meeting on Wednesday nights on the east side and Sunday evening near Old Colorado City. For more information e-mail . Cause Central for Friendship will be at the Summit at Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs. This will be the training ground for leadership and mentors, workshops and will produce two new Friendship Fellowship Chapels a year. There are thousands of people with intellectual disabilities along the Front-Range of Colorado living in group homes. Our vision is to have a place where they can participate fully in church and experience the love of Jesus. We also are reaching out to caregivers and to family members of people with intellectual disabilities. http://friendshipfamilychapels.wordpress.Champion Richard Beattie.

Mission Coffee Roasters/Church Coffee: Fair Trade means supporting coffee farmers and helping fight the war on human trafficking and slavery, all this from drinking a better cup of coffee. For churches and missionaries coffee sales is one of the best fundraising and sponsorship things you can do. Church coffee consults churches on having a world-class coffee house or coffee bar at your church. Call Brett Bixler at 888-673-4069. Champion: Brett Bixler

Ancient Paths: is a network of house churches in Denver that reaches out to communities through summer missions projects. The summer mission project is a major source of outreach for this church that care about the urban poor of Denver. Led by Bruce Duell there are mission trips for youth and adults in three weeks this coming summer. June 4th-8, June 11th 015 and July 23rd-27. For $350 this includes food, housing and special events. Champion Bruce Duell

Wiffle Ball Tournaments: This is a fun raiser and a fundraiser. Teams of 5 including family, church and school groups take the field and get to name their teams. It is inexpensive and it helps foster team work and fellowship. Call Richard Beattie at 719. 210.9935 to schedule your group today. We have a special arrangement with the Wiffle Ball Company in Connecticut for equipment. All funds go to the charity we promote and to one you are promoting as well. Champion Richard Beattie

Mission Coffee House: Message, Music and Mission are the three main areas that we cover and the fact that a Barista is nearby hand-crafting your coffee drink makes the message even more profound. Cause Central and Triology are the main digital publishing areas to help you enjoy message through digital publishing; music through intimate worship and mission from a great roaster with a mission. E-Mail for a complete list of speakers and resources and book a Mission Coffee House at your church or community center today. Champions: Richard Beattie, Brett Bixler and Otto Bixler

National Prayer Examiner: The Minister of Leadership and Communications writes a nationally syndicated column for and a daily column as the Denver Evangelical Examiner. Richard Beattie reaches over 500 readers a week through these columns that are based on prayer and evangelical ministries and lifestyle in metro areas like Denver.,
For more of what we do please e-mail Richard Beattie at or call him 719.210.9935 or directly at his office 719.268.4821.
Music worth saving: Cause Central is pleased to partner with Ron Maxwell and the Music worth saving project. This is a cause we are passionate about. There are a few internet radio stations that Ron has founded. He has been the curator of music that people came to faith and to Christ because of the anointing of music. These are not just Christian oldies or classics- these are songs that reflect Christian and Evangelical lifestyle. Cause Central wants to reiterate that is the CAUSE that is CENTRAL to our development. This is part of our brand experience which is “message, music and mission.” To read and listen please visit Champion: Richard Beattie and Ron Maxwell

Read, Listen, View: A new system of checks and balances combines our publishing button with the cause of gaining readership, listenership and viewership. Cause Central is excited about reaching more people for the cause through media and communications channels that are available to us. RLV is the measuring tool for all of our media channels that we syndicate on. This includes social, digital, and terrestrial measurements and it includes content creation, production values, and distribution of the message, music and mission work Cause Central is called to. For instance we know that readership for our columns, blogs, and websites were up in January 2012 for the Prayer column and Denver Evangelical Examiner. We consolidated two other columns and syndicated more through Twitter and Linked In. Our monthly reads are average over 2500.
RLV Affiliate Advertising: Together with community net radio and our websites we will be partnering with Linkshare and choosing national advertisers where we will be donating a share to music worth saving. The beauty is that a well written and produced radio ad will be heard on all of the radio stations and point to the websites and when the listener makes a purchase a portion of the purchase goes to Music worth Saving and the producers. More on this as we develop the model which will effectively create the model for Radio affiliated advertising which integrates with web affiliates. The idea is to get content supported through well produced ads that link directly to the advertiser. Champion: Richard Beattie

Cause Central Station: Creative content, production and distribution is part of measuring what we are passionate about. Campbell Public Relations is a Cause Central partner and has authors and musicians who are champions of the Cause. I am happy to say that we will work for donations! Really! As a mission organization I will start interviewing authors, songwriters and speakers on both Internet TV and radio. These will be short takes – 7 minute pieces on the message, music and mission of the subject. I will then distribute the works to our affiliate stations and websites, You Tube, God Tube and This will also be part of our series for Mission Coffee House. The person who will be coordinating this project will be our friend and publicist Kathleen Campbell Champion Kathleen Campbell

BT Springs Music: We are launching a music publishing firm that will also be downloadable music from Richard Beattie and others. This will also be part of the Mission Coffee House effort. Beattie is part of Gene Michael Productions and together with Music Worth Saving, BT Springs Music is dedicated to create new songs that are for message, music and mission. Champion: Richard Beattie


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