The 2012 Prayer and Election Guide

The Prayer Examiner will not vote out loud by endorsing the crowded field of presidential hopefuls. Yes some have bowed out and others are hanging on. Two election cycles ago there was an emergence of “Value based voters,” who made quite a splash and inroads for the conservative right. The inroads have long since been washed away by the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street crowd. So then how do we vote and how do we pray?

Be Biblical
In our dual-citizenship between the Kingdom and the USA our only option is to be Biblical. Study the character of every candidate and test their Biblical Knowledge. The systematic way of doing that is to participate in the process at the Caucus, the debates, the stump speeches and the press conferences. Does the speaker share Biblical values? Do they know what the Bible says? Do they have some other philosophy that trumps what they say or do in office, at home or in the community? Is there evidence of regular scripture readings and do they quote the Bible and pertain it to their life, their governing or their business? If we pray that God will bring us such leaders who live out Biblical Principles and display that they understand God’s calling for them “at a time such as this,” then we will be seeing our prayers be answered.

Systematic Character Studies
What do men and women of character have in common? They systematically read the Bible and worship God in all their actions. Are they perfect? Far from it. But the daily discipline of systematically studying leaders with character, relating to mentors with character and practicing an evangelical lifestyle in their thoughts and words is a telling sign of what kind of leader we have. Does this candidate tend to blame the past leadership? Does he or she tend to shirk responsibility? Then you may want to pass on that candidate if the answer is “yes.”

The Servant versus Pilate test on water conservation

A leader is one who takes responsibility for the actions of his or her people. A real leader is a servant leader. Our elected officials are considered to be public servants. Where does that come from? Imagine you are at a state dinner and your congressman, senator, or even Donald Trump caries a basin of water with soap around the table and begins to wash your feet. You protest and are a bit embarrassed. But he or she insists and washes every Democrat, every Republican and every Independent voter’s feet.

Judgment day

Then on the other hand you are accused of a crime. You meet the judge and the judge wants to help you, but also won’t risk his political neck to do it. When the tough questions come and there is no other support, does your representative turn on the faucet and take his or her hands to the basin and wash their own hands of you? That’s the test and that’s the guide. Do want a servant leader who takes your responsibility in his or her hands? Or do you want the person who washes their hands of you? That’s the difference between servant -leadership and Pilate leadership.

So I pray today for the continued campaign to pick the next President of the United States. I pray for Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. If there are any among them that have some of these traits please Lord give us clarity . Show us leaders who love your Word and who do what it says. Give us a leader who prays systematically for the country and for the world. God, give us a choice of leaders who will understand and practice servant-leadership as opposed to Political Pilate type leadership.

We ask this in Jesus name-Amen


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