A Guide to Politics and Religion and other things we don’t talk about

It is out there. Families, marriages, social events, parties and dinner have been burnt by religious, politicians since the days of the Pharisees! (and that isn’t the latest Punk Rock band from Massachusetts) The rule goes like this: “Don’t talk about politics or religion with family and friends.” But I have a different slant on the old adage.

Do’s and Don’ts at home, work and in the neighborhood

While you don’t talk about politics and religion, you can talk about servant leadership and relationships. These are the very aspects that hold families and nations together. Talking to God through prayer and worship is also a thing you can bring up in mixed company because prayer and worship is exactly what helps in servant leadership and relationships. If politics was about improving the serve and strengthening the relationships with one another we would be okay in love and in war! If religion was about helping one another have better relationships with God and people- we might not be judged as “religious” at all.

Graceful dining at your house

At dinner tonight try this begin by talking about how you and your mate, your family and neighbors can better serve your community. You aren’t trying to get elected, your motive is to serve others. Then ask your spouse, your partner, your family about the things that they would like prayer for.

Hold the slogans and brand statements

What are the things that turn people off about politics? The campaign slogans and brand statements are a good start. Mission statements and unselfish vision statements can out do brand statements. Sharing experiences with others are wonderful “Do statements.” For the religious the most alienating thing about the conversation is hypocrisy. In God’s love there is none of that. When we pray and talk to God it isn’t religion that makes us do it. It is the love that we show in our relationships and that we want to include our family and friends in this conversation. To compare notes on what God has done for you can be contagious.

One among the volumes

Answering the letter- finding the call

such a go-getter right before fall

taking not giving- straight to the heart

Time to start living- or just a better place to start.

Dancing with evil, fire can burn

drawn to upheaval, will they ever learn?

Singing in Latin, praying in tongues

Without love, its just one among….

One among the volumes…

You sing for your supper

but the song without joy

takes from your lover

somewhere in Illinois

It’s Chicago at Sunset

It’s Denver at night

It’s Nashville in skylines

will love turn out right?

Dancing with evil, fire can burn

drawn to upheaval, will they ever learn?

Singing in Latin, praying in tongues

Without love, its just one among….

One among the volumes…

We’re standing in judgement

at Colfax and Broadway

on a bus at the intersection

going my way.

judging and pointing

the scenes are a blur

and we’re looking for something

that never occurred.

BT Springs 2.8.12


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