Radio active prayer transmitted in your town

Pray for Christians in media

Every Monday we gather our team and pray for Christian media affiliates and partners who air our programs. This allows for a time to start the week in prayer for the specific needs of people who are in community oriented radio. Today we had the opportunity to pray with and for a station 60 miles North of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The area had been hit by Tropical storms and floods in September without interruption. There was damage down to the station’s AM transmitter and that will be a financial burden to the station. Today the National Prayer examiner will begin a series of prayers for those in media with an evangelical slant. Next week we will be meeting with hundreds of radio and TV producers, Internet and web producers to brain storm new communications areas that will impact the world and communities for the cause.

Pray for marriage

Our world-wide economic woes has not helped the divorce rate. Couples are reeling and at first many felt that the cost of divorce was delaying the process and people were “staying legally married,” for the legal expense. The misconception that “gay marriage” will stabilize statistics is not really panning out in our society. NPE is praying that God’s plan for marriage between one man and one woman would not be politicized as it has been, and that Christian marriage and family life would be valued once again as the “God standard.”

Pray for Truth in counseling

The recent debate on lobbyists took a turn for the worse last week and that is something we should be praying about. The Susan G. Komen Foundation found themselves in the midst of a funding controversy when at first they refused funds from Planned Parenthood. The lobbyists for Planned Parenthood used their political machine to discredit the organization with a smear campaign with a slanderous message that Susan G. Komen was being political by refusing funds from the leading abortion provider. Please pray for sense and sensibility on life and death issues and women’s health.

Pray for a culture of life to prevail

The National Prayer examiner reports on things that many people are praying about. The main thing is that we utilize prayer to strengthen our relationship with God and to get down to the fact that we are praying for women who are in positions of influence when it comes to choosing to sustain a pregnancy or to end a pregnancy, for couples to choose their marriage and family over career; we pray for the unemployed and the underemployed and we pray that the church would come alongside these people with providing work, or partnering with companies and entrepreneurs to work together. For more information on Cause Central and our work in ministry,leadership and communications please e-mail

Pray for network connections

The assault on women’s health is a connection that should not and is not missed by God. The misleading organizations are doing something that they are claiming to help women and are endorsing a different kind of abuse. When you have people claiming to care about women’s health while compromising their families, when you are endorsing same-sex marriage as an option to protect people from divorce, when you give us a false sense of stem cell research as opposed to umbilical chord stem cells, you are disconnecting issues that have real connections in marriage and family life. Pray that our eyes be opened.


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