St. Valentine and the meaning of protective love

The experienced blogger and internet journalist is aware that their title is always subject to the advertisers and stalkers of the broadband. As many of us open our morning e-mails there it is an assortment of “spam.” It doesn’t take much time to go through the heart shaped mailbox they come in with phony messages that often compliment you on your subject matter and how they never thought of this, but the “information was useful.” Happy Valentines Day to all the Spammers out there! Your message has been deleted- in love.

Valentines Day in Denver

In Denver and throughout Colorado there is a large contingent of people and organizations trying to bring awareness to the problem of Human Trafficking around the world but most importantly in our cities. The patron Saint of Christian marriage goes back to the 1400’s when St. Valentine was executed for presiding over Christian Marriages. A Christian Marriage is known as one man and one woman who vow before God that they will be faithful to one another and to God “until death do us part.”  Valentine was martyred for rescuing young women from “sex games” of the Romans based on the Old Testament worship of Baal. The practice not only tried to snuff out Christian marriage but also sacrificed children in that society. Valentine, legend has it, was a priest who protected marriage and family God’s way, much like St. Nicholas protected young women by throwing Dowry money in the windows of young women who otherwise would have been sold into sexual slavery. While today we often don’t like to think that the culture could eliminate Christian Marriage, or make it go underground, the assault on Christian Marriage is alive and well.

Set apart

The history of marriage is something that people gave their lives to protect. So the latest blip of a church endorsed marriage bolstering God’s plan for men and women found in Genesis is something that is set apart and is the purpose and vision statement for families. Anything else is not marriage. The works of George Gilder open the debate on the purpose of marriage:

“The crucial process of civilization is the subordination of male sexual impulses and male biology to the long term horizons of female sexuality.” “Once the man marries he can change,” writes Gilder. “He has to change, for his wife will not long have him if he remains in spirit a single man. He must settle his life, and commit it to the needs of raising a family…He must submit…to the values of maternal morality and futurity.” Gilder maintains that  “women are more confident in their identity than men because of their physical processes. Thus, men, to a large extent, must learn masculine identity.” That is why a “man shall leave his parents and a woman leave her home, they shall come together where the two shall be as one.” (Peter Yarrow sings in Wedding Song” which emphasizes God’s design for marriage and life through family in Genesis 2:22-25.) St Valentine died to preserve the truth of God’s design and the purpose of “human love and sexuality.” In Denver we have a large problem with Human Trafficking. There are a lot of St. Valentines who are trying to make a dent in the area.

Combat forces in Human Trafficking

Just last month a sex trafficking ring that lured underage girls into prostitution and also dealt cocaine and methamphetamine was broken up in Colorado, according to Colorado Attorney General Suthers.There is a lab that opened up in Denver that concerned citizens can access at You can read cases and affidavits, testimonies and actualities at the Colorado Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking.

The integration of church and state

LCHT is conducting Community Needs Assessments in several communities throughout Colorado, including Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Englewood, and Fort Collins. As a means of increasing community ownership and project sustainability, 75 individuals have been trained to conduct the Community Needs Assessment surveys. To date, over 160 surveys have been collected from these communities. In support of this statewide effort, The Zonta Club of Denver awarded Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking funding in February, 2009 to extend and update a Denver community needs assessment report conducted in 2006 and to strengthen and build a the victim service referral network. Furthermore, the Zonta Club of Douglas County and Wellspring Church of Englewood have also funded Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking to include their own communities in the CNA project. Like Valentine there are people risking their lives to protect women and children.






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