Trust is hard-Embrace it

It always seemed to be an honorable profession this chore of writing. The story line, the inspiration to others, the poem, the lyric, the journalism. I’ve never made a lot of money at it and as a reporter for a local Village Voice type paper wrote about me, “He’s neither famous enough or weird enough.” So from business to arts, to media and through relationships as oppose to religion I have been in this trade since I was a child actor at Jones Beach Theater in New York. So as an actor I was in character, as a writer I worked hard to develop my character. “I want my writing to be judged by the content of my character.” Growing up in the 1960’s I heard that speech by Dr. King, like many of my reader’s parents. One thing that has been really getting at me is the words in red in the Bible. 5 little words and in context how they play out in Biblical times, in our time and to build a contextual bridge. Right before Jesus says something that will cut through religion, politics and relationships, he emphasizes the point with “I tell you the truth…” And my take? The truth is hard -Embrace it.”

It is filled with giving up childish things. Childish things can mean my two columns, my toys and equipment. Childish things are the Ring Dings opposed to the yogurt. They are the allegiances that are not part of God’s plan and design. Putting away childish things is to give a child a “cool cup of water” in the name of Jesus. The cool cup of ater is to bring a child up in truth. Our culture is full of “Adult” content. Poets and writers that can’t get a stronger word to rhyme use the F, S, and B words which are insulting their own intelligence. Truth brings maturity, correction takes humility, which leads to challenge that compells us to change. We can’t get better until we start to put the childish things away.

The difference between leading and mis-leading is leading with God’s word and in context, which brings truth to our character. Misleading is lying and creating stories that make the writer and the story teller into the hero of hios or her own stryline. Leading is telling the stories and showing Christ as the central figure in the living Word, the risen truth, and the light that helps us write in the dark.

Misleading is showing the toys,gadgets, the historic figures and blowing them up into something we can’t recognize to “god status” in our lives. We need to put this stuff away and as many a mom has said, “Use the brains the good Lord gave you” to write something that shines truth into our world. Our family nae is not our God. I took a pen name as BT which is how you pronounce my family name, “Beattie.” People ask what does BT stand for and depending on what the message is I tell them “Break Through,” “Be Truthful,” and “Be There” etc. Balancing the family name with good and evil, truth and correction is difficult. It’s part of putting childish things away and gaining perspective. Jesus said “Those who do my Father’s will are my mother, brothers and sisters.” That puts family into perspective doesn’t it?

The character that helps build bodies in 12 ways is not Wonderbread! The character that we follow and lead with in our hearts and in our minds is found in the “I tell you the truth” verses in the New Testament. I have been writing and trying to do what the Word says by studying, relating, and through outreach. That is why I write. It started out with journaling and it ended up in poetry. Matthew 10 is where Jesus sends the 12 disciples out to heal the sick, deliver the message, and even raise the dead. When rejected, “shake the dust of that town from your feet.”

I write this to tell you that I am giving up my two daily columns to pursue other work that will generate income and get better readership. I am putting childish things away and hoping that my work here will add to maturity. I start with “Truth is hard-embrace it.”

BT Springs 3.5.12


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