Truth messengers and childish things

Malachi was a prophet who once said “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you.” For most history buffs and Biblical students, we would connect the dots and find the fulfilling of that prophecy in Matthew 11: 7-11. “I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist,” says Jesus. For poets, for dreamers, for prophets and for followers of Christ this is poetic, historic and it is a truth that we can pour into our minds and hearts-it is obedience knowing what God Himself is calling you to do and hearing, doing and obeying that calling in our lives. The truth is hard, embrace it, was yesterdays bumper sticker. I tell you the truth- “prepare the way” for Christ to enter in, is today’s content in which you and I will be judged on.

Children or men and women?

While yesterday was preparing the message instead of “playing poet,” or being an “actor” instead of missionary, I tell you the truth, I can’t be a good wordsmith until I put down my messages of shock, and words that don’t edify. I can’t live the message until I get past the childish expressions that God is wanting me to convey. While Jesus is going to the cross for me, I’m sitting in the parlor waiting for the latest Tweet! While Jesus is being led to the slaughter for my sin, I am partaking in that sin at the very moment they are hammering nails into His hands! I’m reading poets who are using profanity instead of truth, I’m reading columnists who push away from the Gospel to spin their words to attack people so that they can blow someone up that “might be able to beat Obama” in the Presidential Election. Politics and journalism has become political play rather than maturity. Stop preparing for Romney and begin preparing hearts and minds for Jesus Christ to overtake our childish distractions.

Generation Comparison

“To what can I compare this generation?” Jesus tells the disciples, “They are like children sitting in the market place and calling out to others: ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.” You want to hear spin and playful, inmature banter to discredit the righteous (right with God, community and nations), “For John came neither eating nor drinking (that is a Baptist for ya!), “and they call him a demon.” The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say “Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and “sinners.” But wisdom is proved by her (wisdom’s) actions.”

We are children with our technology, without theology to stand on

We live and let live

but we can’t forgive the things you say

when you show us the way.

When we play the flute- you do not dance

when we say “accept us,” you don’t give us a chance

When we sing a mournful song

you don’t get sad when we ask you,(Crowd get louder)

When you send a messenger- we have an answer

When you heal the sick we have a dagger

When you need a puppy dog to play with

we send the attack dogs for you to stay with

“How dare you” bring people here to pray with

Let’s occupy your street!

“I will send a messenger ahead”,

healing hearts , raising dead

He will prepare the hearts of righteous men

to bring it up, stir you up, raise you up again.

Don’t shoot the messenger

Don’t buy attack ads

Don’t work the polls for evil men

Don’t get upset when they begin

Don’t reach for guns when they retreat

Don’t worry when the world defeats us

or unseats us- God win’s.

God wins in the end

with the rising sun

God wins in the end

when all is said and done

and at the end of the day

He will rise in glory- and taht changes His story (Yeah)

Are you a child ready to grow up?

Putting your toys away then rise and get up

Wipe off that smile or the imperial grin

Heal the sick, forgive the sin.

Are you a man or woman ready to join us?

As we proclaim the truth of Jesus

As we live out and love we must

be the messengers that sing in “God we trust.”

Grow up, Grow up, Rise up, Rise up

the cup is half full with integrity

Grow up, Grow up, Rise up, rise up

BT Springs 3.6.12


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