(pick it up) Missing pieces

This is a piece that came to me from two verses of Matthew. Matthew 18 is the verse where Jesus tells us “changing the way we approach faith and to become like children in our approach.” My study was to put childish things away in my character. There is a difference. We can lose our toys but not our creativity. When God created the world he used creativity and elements, not devices and toys.

Have you ever watched a child with no toys and how he or she uses their imagination? That is what Jesus is talking about. We don’t need religious devices, we need to be creative on how we approach God, our neighbors and our art! So I take a guy like me and I bring him to the morning commute, the day to day and come to the conclusion that something is missing. Jesus also in these passages tells the disciples that John the Baptist was indeed the Elijah who prepared the way for him- and they missed it! That is where I connect the dots in this poem, we go through separation of faith and work, and creativity but that is exactly what is missing. We are so distracted and have our own agendas that we can miss even John the Baptist living amongst us.

You wake up, you make coffee,

you kiss goodbye and on the run

theres a feeling, though the missing pieces

get left behind

You sign in, you change your password

you go to meetings and don’t repeat

what you just heard

but through it all left behind

there’s missing pieces.


To be sure, Elijah comes

and in the process restores us

and if he has already come

they tore him to pieces

like the Son of man

we missed it…Missing pieces.

We head to lunch, we play a hunch

we take a walk down to Bleeker Street

where by and large those kids with guitars

are playing to a different beat, somethings missing.

I tell you the truth that if you don’t become

amazed and willing to learn-

with the faith like a child, you will never

enter the Kingdom.

I tell you the truth, if you don’t humble yourself,

you’ll always feel like something is missing…Missing pieces.

They will separate, but they can’t create

unless they find what they’ve lost.

They come in late, resigned to fate,

that there is something missing- missing pieces.

The train goes home, on the cell phone,

the ring tone belongs to your love.

She comes all apart, and words from her heart

confirms that something’s missing.

BT Springs 3,8.12

Matthew 18 3-9


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