Explaining Triology

Nobody read the BLOGS anymore, but I was stuck on 29, so I guess going thirty I can explain myself. I have had people ask me what TRIOLOGY means and it is simple enough but when you think about the three prong aspects of studying God and His plan for us, it comes down to THEOLOGY.Triology is pronounced TRY-ology and not Tree-ology! But here is an explanation of the TRI-ology method of studying God:

1. Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology is just what it says, learning about God by reading and studying God breathed and inspired Word. When we study Biblical Theology we believe that God is telling us the truth and we take Him at His word.

2. Systematic Theology

Remember the scientific method from the labs you did in school? You know the “best information, rinse and repeat until proven otherwise.” It starts with hypothesis and becomes a theory when testing out for a long period of time and eventually it either becomes law or not. Through the years our relationship with God is systematic not so much “religious.”

3. Evangelical Theology

Finally we go Evangelical on you. You relate to friends and neighbors, you have a message to deliver not only by your mouth and writings, but moreover the way you live your life. Evidence starts climbing by character building, being correctable, challenge-able and compelled tyo change.

If you are reading this- thanks. If you have any questions or comments let me know.

BT Springs 3.12.12

Have you ever seen a good man gone bad?

Meets the Son of Man and goes away sad.

Cause he couldn’t give up on all the things he had

to get a set of keys!


Have you ever seen a woman lose her faith?

It sticks in her head, goes past the heart

and to her waist, well that’s a tragic story

but just you wait, the human tragedy.


It’s so hard for a rich man

and a wealthy woman,

so hard for a layman to understand.


So hard for a city boy

and hard for  a sophisticate

to reach a place that  they might undertand

the keys to the Kingdom.


Have you ever seen a child at play

the imagination beckons and they mold a lump of clay

they save a place for you and by the end of the day

you are engaged.


Have you ever seen a couple when they pray?

they get past the laundry list and and mean just what they say.

they bring it to the throne of God and are thankful for the give and take

and then we turn the page!


We are cautious and unamused

we are listless, lost and confused

and all we need to be is open and used

by God’s right hand!


We are angry about to blow a fuse

We are stoic and broken up in twos

We can’t walk a mile in their shoes

We are islands until we understand

to follow His plan. And He has a plan for us.


Have you ever seen a politician wash his hands-

to the kind of truth that was standing right in front of him.

The kind of truth that follows the leader of the band,

He who holds the keys, calling out to all, to you and to me,

He who holds the keys to the Kingdom.


The blues ain’t nothing but a good man, feeling bad.


BT Springs 3.10.12



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