Songwriter’s Gallery

A few years back I was doing music activities in Health Care facilities. I was working with people with head and spinal injuries in one nursing home in one wing, while working with dimentia and residents on another wing. It was hard to figure what to do with the head and spinal injury patients two times and 4 hours a week. At that time I was also composing a score for a TV Documentary and so I was documenting not only the pieces I was writing and charting but I also documented the process.

Image Banking

I began to write down images that came to mind while reading the scripts and listening to interviews. Then I would work out a rhythm scheme, a chord progression and finally a melody before regearsing my band and the recording session. Creative Process is interesting and I thought that I would try writing songs with the head and spinal injury residents at the rehab center. It worked well. Many at the time were using letter boards that I would write down their contributions. There was never a shortage of ideas.

Creative Process

Since then I have used this process in community building, for prayer and for worship. I take a topic, and I open the floor up for ideas. I have done this with pro-songwriters and art center classes as well. The response is great. Open Mic voices is like this process. Here we have a canvas, an empty page, fill it with elements and yet it is still solitary until there is feedback from another poet. I have been talking about doing a Songwriter’s Gallery by starting with this BLOG. Most of you inspire me, and give me some constructive crit and sometimes we even colloborate!

I appreciate the Hunter Bros. for launching this adventure and I love the people I have met here. I have been looking for new assignments and I think this new Blog is a great place to start. Thanks.

BT Springs



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