Up-up music is unplugged and urban praise

Acoustic music, folk and country have had a distinct flavor in praise and worship. At Friendship Fellowship we have developed an intimacy in presenting praise to God and from one another. Praise can happen anywhere and while I have called my guitar a “portable chapel,” used on prayer walks, in sanctuaries, street corners, in parks and lobbies, offices and Health Care Centers we are pleased to bring you unplugged-urban praise which we simply call “up-up-music.”

No- it is not like the Up with People movement, though we love people we do not want to subject them to the sweaters and Osmond looking folks that seem a bit too “in your face” smiley, happy stuff. Up-up music message oriented, intimate in approach and a daily chorus that is Biblical, Systematic, and Evangelical.The portable chapel is all about message,music and missions.

Portable Chapel will be a worship Blog with a songbook, audio and some video clips as related to our mission. This is where we want to share songs and messages and mentor worship leaders. Join us!


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