Elevator Pitch for Church Ministry

As a consultant to churches on getting a special needs ministry started, supported and sustained I speak with a lot of pastors. elders, and staff. They are often busy with the day to day running of a church that they may not have time to envision your calling for the church. Enter the Entrepreneurial tool most often called “The Elevator Pitch.” I have found that Pastors are like most founders and CEO’s I have met in business and ministry and they care about what you care about. In my case it is helping churches establish a service and church to invite and guide people with Intellectual Disabilities in Friendship Fellowship. People with Intellectual Disabilities can experience God’s love and become part of the community by participating fully  in church membership. While the big picture is that I am called to reach a district that spans from South Dakota to Pueblo, Colorado, this day I am breaking it down to El Paso County which includes the city of Colorado Springs. I am gearing this elevator pitch on mobilizing just 7 churches at a monthly Healthy Church Network meeting for pastors in that region.  As I network with these Pastors my goal is to sign between 5 and 7 churches up to start exploring Friendship Fellowship in their churches.    

FOUNDER: Richard Beattie, Special Needs Ministry Consultant

LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO

EMPLOYEES: Three on staff


FOUNDED: January 2010

2011 PROJECTED REVENUE: $7000.00

NUMBER OF USERS:  5 churches and agencies

FELLOWSHIPS PLANTED:  3 (Ancient Paths: 1 in Denver and 2 in Colorado Springs)

COST: $10,000 a year

PREVIOUS FUNDING: $27,000 gift and missions trips in three years

SUPPORT SOUGHT: $2371.43 per church a year or $200 a month per church

The Pitch: Friendship Fellowship fosters relationships with the “Special Needs” community and the church by inviting church members to train as mentors, equips special needs pastors and plants Friendship Fellowships in the community. The goal is to match the church with the group or host home or agency or special needs familes; study the need in each community, and mobilize 20 church members to mentor 20 people with Intellectual Disabilities. Supporting Friendship Fellowship costs $22 per special needs friend and so we ask 20 people to give an extra $22 a month to help support the outreach. In Colorado Springs we have open needs that are on our mission map. I am leading Extending Friendship for Southern Colorado Churches on August 11 from 9:30 to 5:30. This will include Mentor Training, customizing a five year plan and calling churches to start, support and sustain, Friendship Fellowship. We are inviting agencies, resource centers and special needs families of people in our community to connect with churches in Southern Colorado. Specifically in Colorado Springs I have some compelling matchups. 

Contact: Richard Beattie

Friendshipfellowship@juno.com 719.268.4821


Friendship 7 Equipping 7 churches in your city to plant Friendship Fellowship

Foster an outreach with the agency Mosaic to begin a Tuesday, worship service at lunchtime at their Garden of the God’s facility (888 W. Garden of the Gods Road.) This is 2.1 miles from First Evangelical Free.2. 

Roundup School is a District 20 school for people with Intellectual Disabilities. Families of the students have asked us to conduct a worship service on Sunday Nights for about 20 special needs families.  I would love to train 20 leaders from Austin Bluffs to minister to these kids and families at the school or at Austin Bluffs. Roundup School is only 3.6 miles from Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church. 

Develop mentors for Ancient Paths Springs Outreach at Summit Center near Falcon. We meet on Wednesday nights at the Summit Center at Mountain Springs Church off of Woodmen Road which is 7.3 miles from where you meet. In addition there are group homes near Northview at the Briargate Y. There are group homes and families who are in shouting distance to the Monument Y where fox Meadow meets. There are group homes and families who would welcome the love of Christ from Faith along along the Powers/Stetson Hills neighborhoods all the way to the airport.

 Our goal for Colorado Springs is to launch 7 Friendship Fellowships for families, group and host homes, adults, youth, and kids. If we have 7 churches conducting weekly outreaches that minister to 20 special needs people each we reach 140 people a week by training 140 mentors from the church. In addition if we could sustain 140 people giving $22 a month than we raise $33,600 in Colorado Springs alone. This pays for curriculum, crafts and snacks as well as management and training.

 There are 2000 people with Intellectual Disabilities on waiting lists for basic services in Colorado. Half of those people reside with their families in El Paso County. I am in discussions with the agencies Mosaic and Roundup Fellowship and a Resource Center on how the church can come alongside these families. Friendship Fellowship/Ancient Paths E Free will be the liaison who will actively reach out to these Special Needs Families.

 Sign up to 5 people from your church for the workshop. For churches that have retained me as your Special Needs Ministry Consultant it is part of the $120 support with no additional charge providing that you sign up for consulting before the end of July. For those of you who are kicking the tires, it is $150 for 5 people. And for those who want to attend or publicize it in your church it is $40 per registrant.

We will customize the mission, come alongside and train your staff and church members, and get you connected with curriculum, agencies and families in your neighborhood. We will also develop a special needs pastor and worship leaders from your church on pastoral care and leading Friendship Fellowship. My churches get unlimited Hands on Training at our Summit Center and Mosaic Friendship Fellowships.  


In all three zones for 2012 I am offering Extending Friendship workshops and I plan to do an elevator pitch to pastors in their own neighborhoods- in fact a 20 mile radius of where the church is. Our workshops are offered to be a step into a ministry that is member started; supported and sustained and yet managed and planned by the church and the ministry consultant. There is a customized five year ministry plan, with charts and tracking on a guiding, giving and growing the church in both relationally and spiritually as well as membership and financially.



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