The BreakThrough Standard

Every aspect of our day should be missional and proactive. If it isn’t we are just wading through piles of stuff and when that stuff catches on fire we spend our days putting fires out! When we look at what God wants us to do and find that we don’t have time to touch that list, it should be an eye opener. Discernment and breakthrough priorities are key to doing God’s will. Many Christ Followers shun the word Scientific process but in many secular and Christian Colleges the course load and degrees are found in leadership and communications.

Breakthrough Management

The science and art of Entrepreneurship is part of a daily balance between the standards of ministry, leadership and communications. There is a science to all three and there is also an art. My degrees are Associate of Applied Science in Communications and a Bachelor of Science in Ministry and Leadership. What I have found in experience is that in media, arts, ministry and business careers that when scientific process is developed and applied the results are far more satisfying and productive than when I artfully wing it. The Breakthrough Standard is going through the scientific method of systematic relationship building, in everything that we do. This includes making 20 phone calls, writing an article a day, planning and doing and then tracking the results. That is what media is. So I unveil to you the Breakthrough Standard in creative, production and distribution of ministry, leadership and communications in all ministry, business, and communications beginning with my work at Briargate Media and Focus on the Family.  

Richard Beattie

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