Friendship Fellowship Church

Welcome to Friendship Fellowship Church, a special church for people with special needs. That’s the foundation but it goes much deeper than that. For our first season we partnered with Ancient Paths Evangelical Free Church to plant Friendship Fellowship Denver in the Washington Park neighborhood. Wednesday mornings became a special time for us for praise, the Word, and for fellowship. People with intellectual disabilities offer us so much and we can respond accordingly and I am thankful that we can.

Friendship Fellowship Springs

During the Spring of 2011 my wife Jill and her friend Sharon began a study called Friendship for Adults, a book by Lisa Welchel (The Facts of Life). This group began meeting and Jill found that it was a good foundation to raise women up in study, relationship and outreach. That is what Friendship Fellowship in Colorado Springs is about. To follow my wife’s lead I am beginning a Friday lunch time group for men with the express purpose of developing Mentors who will join us in the Biblical, the Systematic and the Evangelical purposes of mentoring our friends with special needs. (See The Garage).  Jill and Sharon’s group will begin meeting in September on Tuesdays. My men’s group will start on September 16th and on Sunday afternoon we will launch Friendship Fellowship in Colorado Springs.

Connecting Points

Our new toll free number is our connecting point where you can leave a message and track us down. While our church meets on Sunday nights in Colorado Springs and Wednesday mornings in Denver we make it a point to be available when our friends, mentors and caregivers need us. E mail is also a way to get a fast response. It simply is


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