Truth a movement that “gets” Jesus

I sit in my office and realize that the study I have done on the utterances of the assertion, “I tell you the truth,” is nothing short of a breakthrough that will lead to a movement -a “truth movement.” It is truth that people are hungry for, and truth that people are thirsty for. So in our work it is not only good enough to be a Truth Network, or even to create and usher in a “truth experience;” but to be an interactive ministry that brings up leaders that communicate truth in every aspect of life.
I don’t care if I have to work 120 hours a week to make this my life work! We have gone past the substance of the Truth Project! We have turned the corner of a “moral majority” and a “religious right.” We are on the verge of bringing an advent of a new hope; a new peace; a new love; and a new joy in His message of truth; in His mission of love; and His music of joy.
So we engage the culture through media.
Now we captivate our communities with the idea of setting policy
And we take back the territory by living a life of character and humility in business; in our choices and we help people through training and equipping them to serve.
When our foundation is truth, and our Word is Biblical, we are seeking God’s will and mindset. When our frame is love and our walk is intentional, we are following a Christ-like approach.
When our power of our engine is filled and refilled by the Holy Spirit, His Truth will march on.
His Truth is marching on when we are friends in fellowship and we reach out to those with developmental disabilities because they have great value in God’s eyes and they need a community to come alongside them more than ever. They can teach us far more about love and faith than we can teach them.
His Truth is marching on from the writers and reporters of our life and times and how we approach each story with The Truth Experience and our affiliates.
His Truth is marching on when we define the issues of our time to protect our family values; God’s creation of marriage between one man and one woman; when life begins; and that we should be good stewards of the earth that God created. He made us in “His image.”  He made us to care for one another; and to speak truth in each other’s lives. He made us to think! He made us to seek truth; and He made us to love Him-and one another. Truth is a movement; and it is absolute and we will tell the truth in every story we write and report; every script we create; every program we produce and every statement that we make. Truth in Media; Truth in Serving and Truth in Action will be shouted from the Mountain top- and His Truth is moving; a movement where His Truth is marching on.
Richard Beattie

Remix of The Edited Life

I have lived an edited life

when rewritten, it all turns out right

and the rain is gone

and the political response

comes back clean. (there must be a cover up)

I have lived an edited life

white out and cross outs with no wipe outs to see

so the truth never comes to light (someone cleaned up the scene)

and this train I’ve been riding on

never derails- it never fails

and I arrive well dressed at the station.

and the stain I am sitting on

from the campaign trail- is never written

but something is missing in the translation

I have lived an edited life

just ask my wife- the prose are rewritten

I have dreamed unseemly dreams, muffled screams

but I have never been bitten

and the strain of the flu is gone

no one responds- to the letter

and the sound is crystal clear

but there is fear

but it gets better, my image looks better!

I wash my hands.

He washes feet

He watches out for you-

I take a seat.

I watch from my window

He heals your wounds

I lock the door

safe in my room.

Living an edited life

when rewritten, it all turns out right

and the rain is gone

and the political response

comes back clean.

BT Springs