Truth a movement that “gets” Jesus

I sit in my office and realize that the study I have done on the utterances of the assertion, “I tell you the truth,” is nothing short of a breakthrough that will lead to a movement -a “truth movement.” It is truth that people are hungry for, and truth that people are thirsty for. So in our work it is not only good enough to be a Truth Network, or even to create and usher in a “truth experience;” but to be an interactive ministry that brings up leaders that communicate truth in every aspect of life.
I don’t care if I have to work 120 hours a week to make this my life work! We have gone past the substance of the Truth Project! We have turned the corner of a “moral majority” and a “religious right.” We are on the verge of bringing an advent of a new hope; a new peace; a new love; and a new joy in His message of truth; in His mission of love; and His music of joy.
So we engage the culture through media.
Now we captivate our communities with the idea of setting policy
And we take back the territory by living a life of character and humility in business; in our choices and we help people through training and equipping them to serve.
When our foundation is truth, and our Word is Biblical, we are seeking God’s will and mindset. When our frame is love and our walk is intentional, we are following a Christ-like approach.
When our power of our engine is filled and refilled by the Holy Spirit, His Truth will march on.
His Truth is marching on when we are friends in fellowship and we reach out to those with developmental disabilities because they have great value in God’s eyes and they need a community to come alongside them more than ever. They can teach us far more about love and faith than we can teach them.
His Truth is marching on from the writers and reporters of our life and times and how we approach each story with The Truth Experience and our affiliates.
His Truth is marching on when we define the issues of our time to protect our family values; God’s creation of marriage between one man and one woman; when life begins; and that we should be good stewards of the earth that God created. He made us in “His image.”  He made us to care for one another; and to speak truth in each other’s lives. He made us to think! He made us to seek truth; and He made us to love Him-and one another. Truth is a movement; and it is absolute and we will tell the truth in every story we write and report; every script we create; every program we produce and every statement that we make. Truth in Media; Truth in Serving and Truth in Action will be shouted from the Mountain top- and His Truth is moving; a movement where His Truth is marching on.
Richard Beattie

Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising

DENVER/COS – Just a few years ago we hit upon something that we didn’t really expect. We found that by placing radio commercials on streams of the top Clear Channel stations we could save our clients thousands of dollars by buying up inventory that was unsold; and reach more people than streams ever did before.This happens in New York; Detroit; Los Angeles; DC; Denver and Miami; Dallas and Seattle. By using this strategy our clients realized that the results of those campaigns had long lasting results and at 10 cents on the dollar. What’s even more surprising is that we developed a subscription service; added an online store and a ministry resource center that was part consumer review and a store that we co-op syndication dollars through small retainer fees versus commissions on product sold from the resource center. To find out how this works please call Richard Beattie 720.295.7713 or e-mail Go Spot Go is part of the new Truth Experience where we stream the next wave of Teach-Talk programs.

Radio active prayer transmitted in your town

Pray for Christians in media

Every Monday we gather our team and pray for Christian media affiliates and partners who air our programs. This allows for a time to start the week in prayer for the specific needs of people who are in community oriented radio. Today we had the opportunity to pray with and for a station 60 miles North of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The area had been hit by Tropical storms and floods in September without interruption. There was damage down to the station’s AM transmitter and that will be a financial burden to the station. Today the National Prayer examiner will begin a series of prayers for those in media with an evangelical slant. Next week we will be meeting with hundreds of radio and TV producers, Internet and web producers to brain storm new communications areas that will impact the world and communities for the cause.

Pray for marriage

Our world-wide economic woes has not helped the divorce rate. Couples are reeling and at first many felt that the cost of divorce was delaying the process and people were “staying legally married,” for the legal expense. The misconception that “gay marriage” will stabilize statistics is not really panning out in our society. NPE is praying that God’s plan for marriage between one man and one woman would not be politicized as it has been, and that Christian marriage and family life would be valued once again as the “God standard.”

Pray for Truth in counseling

The recent debate on lobbyists took a turn for the worse last week and that is something we should be praying about. The Susan G. Komen Foundation found themselves in the midst of a funding controversy when at first they refused funds from Planned Parenthood. The lobbyists for Planned Parenthood used their political machine to discredit the organization with a smear campaign with a slanderous message that Susan G. Komen was being political by refusing funds from the leading abortion provider. Please pray for sense and sensibility on life and death issues and women’s health.

Pray for a culture of life to prevail

The National Prayer examiner reports on things that many people are praying about. The main thing is that we utilize prayer to strengthen our relationship with God and to get down to the fact that we are praying for women who are in positions of influence when it comes to choosing to sustain a pregnancy or to end a pregnancy, for couples to choose their marriage and family over career; we pray for the unemployed and the underemployed and we pray that the church would come alongside these people with providing work, or partnering with companies and entrepreneurs to work together. For more information on Cause Central and our work in ministry,leadership and communications please e-mail

Pray for network connections

The assault on women’s health is a connection that should not and is not missed by God. The misleading organizations are doing something that they are claiming to help women and are endorsing a different kind of abuse. When you have people claiming to care about women’s health while compromising their families, when you are endorsing same-sex marriage as an option to protect people from divorce, when you give us a false sense of stem cell research as opposed to umbilical chord stem cells, you are disconnecting issues that have real connections in marriage and family life. Pray that our eyes be opened.

Can you judge a Radio Station by it’s Website?

Everyday I pour over Christian and General Market Radio Stations and analyze their potential reach and people ask what I am looking for? My job as a media representative is to come up with how media is presented and integrated in a way that helps families thrive. One of the judgement calls I make in choosing where programs that I represent are heard is I pull their numbers (Arbitron in Radio’s case), I examine their websites (Quantcast and write a review of the interactive, ease of use; widgets, links and overall design) and I also look at the program guide, how updated or not the site is, look for cool phone aps and the I try them all out.)

Gently down the stream

Sadly in an integrated radio world the effort of developing websites is not a front burner issue for radio or TV stations. Sure there are a lot of streams out there but some are embarrassingly jerky. One Christian station had a dove as an icon that hovered and flapped it’s wings to which I said, “If anything comes out of that dove I’m leaving!”

Web Radio

There is so much to judge these days. You can have a great digital presence and be lacking online or you could have both the digital and the online in order but have a tower that doesn’t reach across the street. A radio station that has a full powered FM or HD signal for their AM, a digital studio, and an online presence also is investing in the past, present and an ear to the future.


It appears that stations that are owned by an educational institution or University and has some educational media and arts center captures the three ways radio will continue to play out. A community minded radio station who does community outreach very well garners listeners. Web sites give you digital publishing capabilities that track readers and integrates the components of interactive media with the terrestrial. That also goes hand in hand with churches as well.The component of archiving content that is available anytime a listener wants is also a capability that “can’t miss,” literally.

Project DOT

Highlights of pieces longer than 20 minutes allows the listener and the radio station to have automatic content that can be adapted to localizing a national or international show. A station in Canton, Ohio did a contest on healthy marriages last week and interviewed Marriage Experts all week and then awarded materials to the married couple who told their story about what works in their marriage. The contest was opened to lifetime marriages that celebrated over ten years of marriage in the listening area. While that station has a digital, online and tower-terrestrial signal, they also have a community outreach and ties into Canton-Akron.


Yes Virginia, you can judge a radio station by it’s website. If they care about their community and getting the message out, then they are in-tune with what the community wants to read about, listen to and what to view.  That tracks well in markets large and small and the impact is evergreen.


What are you in for? Time Travel and Restoration

Salt Lake City- It is a question heard at Doctor’s offices; prisons and garages every work day across America. It is a question I ask myself whenever a proposal crosses my desk, or I’m at a meeting or any other decision point I need to consider. From the garage it may be the warning light with the explanation point in the center of the shape. Is it tire pressure, oil, water temp, or was it that sound that made me wonder, “What was that?” And money wise, emotionally and commitment wise–indeed: “What am I in for?”

Waiting Room
So we limp in, we are towed in or we are pushed in disabled; or not. The garage door opens as I bop the horn. I leave my keys in the car with a guy named Raul who kind of scowls at me. I feel a bit guilty, as I wonder, did I hit something, or someone? Did I forget to put the gas cap on? Maybe the remnants of the pump are still in the tank? I’m told not to cross the line and to proceed to the front desk, where an Italian looking guy in a muscle shirt is taking numbers and asking questions. He is matter of fact and asks the same questions I was asking myself, with the ultimate question, “What are you in for?”


There are short-timers, there are some-timers and there are Life-timers. Most things I commit to take a lifetime commitment. Whether that is learning the guitar, writing or Bible Study, Theology, and Evangelism. It takes long time practice, which means hands on, living it out, day by day commitment. This helps perspective and it helps to see where God was in the process, what God is doing in the present and being hopeful about His promises. This goes for marriage and family too to understand that my spouse and I have a timeline, my family has a timeline and our life has a timeline. When I look back at Maps of the past and see them now or the artist conception of the area of the future, I am amazed at the perspective.

Time and Perspective

The historic perspective of God’s motive and purpose; the user experience of what is happening now in using a Christ-like approach and then the power to see visions and dream dreams of the future in my family, in my marriage and in my walk with God are consistently energizing in my life.  When I can begin to look back where I was dead (denial,escapism,addicted,depressed) I had to look back to see where God rescued me and what God gave to me and that was an undeserved life. This is what the Israelites had difficulty with. It is important to confess what we have done in our lives and what we have “failed to do.” More importantly God wants us to remember what He has done. That is measured growth, because transformation is God growing us upward. It is the process of listening and sharing ideas and being provoked instead of offended (or offensive.) It’s the whole “short accounts” business of listening, responding, and provoked into an action plan. If we are unable to remember our own faces after staring at ourselves in the mirror it’s hard to remember what God has done in our lives.

Classic Cars and Junkers

Kissimmee, Florida. 9-9-11. I walk  through this tropical Old Town area of the city that has been eclipsed by the resorts of Disney and Sea World. There is a resurgence and a ripeness to revival. On parade are classics driving, cruising, and showing off. The perspective of seeing classic Sting Rays and Mustangs, T-Birds and Firebirds takes me back to another time. I think about the garages where these beauties are stored and I wonder about the history each car. At one point were these cars in disrepair? Were they totaled, or were they owned by one family or an individual who was into that vehicle for life?

Present tense

I think about my leased car that I have right now and my 3 year commitment to maintaining it’s value and trying to keep the miles to the agreement. What’s my motive? I think that God’s motive for humankind is restoration. It is what His plan has always been and that is why the Father sends the Son. The word restoration is for us a constant return to the garage and it is a process that includes constant living out, listening, and sharing our ideas. This takes forgiveness, restoration, admission and acceptance, it takes mentoring one another and it takes evangelism.

The Next Men’s Group

“There is good news about the end of Christian America,” reports author Gabe Lyons. The author of the controversial “UnChristian” uses the process of restoration as his new scientific method. Lyon’s spoke at the Christian Music Conference, “Momentum” last week and his thesis is that we can not afford to be “offended” anymore. While Hugh Hewitt and others have pointed out that “we are too easily offended” with no solution, Lyons presented the way out of the Dead Sea. The tributary that he uses is a process of listening, reading, viewing and then being provoked to action. Take a page out of the book of the groups and agendas we were offended by and start engaging. The entire conference had this feel of confessional. Every speaker spoke about “The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made.”

From Denial to Admission

In our Twitter world should we practice a non offensive stance? Our instant messaging includes, instant forgiveness (instead of instant karma!), process of restoration, instant admission, process of mentoring, and the process of evangelism. As I continue to wait in the waiting room in the garage I pray that the men in the room around me will begin to understand that with every instant disclosure comes instant forgiveness which allows for the flow of a lifetime process and commitment at home, at work and in our communities.


A Compliment of Interest

I think it is appropriate that there are boundaries set for businesses and ministry. It is clear that there are sincere conflicts of interest when it comes to double dipping, taking jobs for one company and giving to another, and serving two masters. There are sometimes that we go overboard in our policies and procedures. Let me explain:

Digital Media is all about integrating and tracking our readers, viewers and listeners. The closer we get to integration of the three, the closer we get to a compliment of interests.

What are some compliments of interest? Integrating Biblical, Process and Systematic with Evangelical interests are what I call compliments of interest. The integration of church, values, and caregiving are compliments of interest. If I divorce the three I leave some pretty hefty benefits out of the equation. When I fail to integrate my faith with my motives, approach and outreach quotient, then I lose the whole Spirit of my interest. If I fail to recognize the fact that God is in the plans in the digital, the online, and the tower then I lose audience and I lose really getting the message out to the people who need it most.

Triology or Denominations?

There are different gift sets and different ways that we use to mentor people. My gift sets are message, music and missions. This includes Ministry, leadership and communications, to separate them is cheating the person (s) I am mentoring! As a media professional I must also understand that while working with journalists, web designers, music publishers and record companies, TV, broadcasters, and filmmakers that we are all part of the body and the bottom line is to give the audience access, engage the culture with “Valued content,” to customize our offerings so it meets needs; connect with people and to become a part of their conversations and then to collaborate with stations, church, and audience. When we look at integrated media as “integrity,” when we see competitive analysis as a compliment of interest, and when we use the map of God’s motive, a Jesus approach, and being powered by the Holy Spirit we can live integrated lives that foster the idea of Compliments of Interests in community.