Truth a movement that “gets” Jesus

I sit in my office and realize that the study I have done on the utterances of the assertion, “I tell you the truth,” is nothing short of a breakthrough that will lead to a movement -a “truth movement.” It is truth that people are hungry for, and truth that people are thirsty for. So in our work it is not only good enough to be a Truth Network, or even to create and usher in a “truth experience;” but to be an interactive ministry that brings up leaders that communicate truth in every aspect of life.
I don’t care if I have to work 120 hours a week to make this my life work! We have gone past the substance of the Truth Project! We have turned the corner of a “moral majority” and a “religious right.” We are on the verge of bringing an advent of a new hope; a new peace; a new love; and a new joy in His message of truth; in His mission of love; and His music of joy.
So we engage the culture through media.
Now we captivate our communities with the idea of setting policy
And we take back the territory by living a life of character and humility in business; in our choices and we help people through training and equipping them to serve.
When our foundation is truth, and our Word is Biblical, we are seeking God’s will and mindset. When our frame is love and our walk is intentional, we are following a Christ-like approach.
When our power of our engine is filled and refilled by the Holy Spirit, His Truth will march on.
His Truth is marching on when we are friends in fellowship and we reach out to those with developmental disabilities because they have great value in God’s eyes and they need a community to come alongside them more than ever. They can teach us far more about love and faith than we can teach them.
His Truth is marching on from the writers and reporters of our life and times and how we approach each story with The Truth Experience and our affiliates.
His Truth is marching on when we define the issues of our time to protect our family values; God’s creation of marriage between one man and one woman; when life begins; and that we should be good stewards of the earth that God created. He made us in “His image.”  He made us to care for one another; and to speak truth in each other’s lives. He made us to think! He made us to seek truth; and He made us to love Him-and one another. Truth is a movement; and it is absolute and we will tell the truth in every story we write and report; every script we create; every program we produce and every statement that we make. Truth in Media; Truth in Serving and Truth in Action will be shouted from the Mountain top- and His Truth is moving; a movement where His Truth is marching on.
Richard Beattie

Forgive and forget

When I read this I think of the opportunity that I have had and have been given by someone who has forgiven me. Read Matthew 18 21-35. Higher math indeed!

The content of our character is to get this concept of higher Math in our lives. It ain’t natural! This forgiveness to infinity. We have been wronged, do we seek revenge? Or do we do what the word says? My gut tells me to get the “pound of flesh” but my Lord tells me, to forgive and forget.

This isn’t preaching, this is self conviction. The rejection of forgiveness makes you wonder if it is worth it and Christ says it is in the long run. If you are a person who wants to be judged by the content of your character as I know I want to be, you’ll start forcing yourself to forgive people. The best way is looking at the infractions that you have had and wanted to be forgiven. You longed for the spouse who divorces you to forgive that sin you committed against him or her. You hoped to go to your father and mother and reconcile your childish grudge and you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. And even in money matters, when someone has ripped you off, forgive them of the debt. Most times we can’t do it on our own time or power, Christ has to do it for you. Forgive and forget.

Grudges are the kind of thing that puts the unforgiving in chains. In the story of the king who forgave a debt, the servant turned around and threw a a guy who owed him money in debtor’s prison. When the King finds out he throws the servant who he had forgiven into debtors prison.

Jesus ends that story by saying, “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.”
Higher Math

It’s morning time

Daylight saving

lost some sleep

from the road you’re paving for me

I’m free

Saw an old friend

turned enemy

caught his glance through the doorway

he just glares at me

He ripped me off, and I was his boss

now I’m free.

How many times must I forgive him?

I’ve forgiven him seven times.

and then you tell me that you’ve forgiven me

at least seventy-seven times.

How convenient! This equation

when I’m in this situation

make me cry, make me laugh

but this is higher math!

So I walk this old country road

back to a place and time

when I wronged a righteouss man

and committed the crime-but he looked at me

He set me free- Higher math.

And I hope you get the jist of the story

and I hope that you will understand

that I can’t stop the hurt I’ve caused

but I can claim the land. I’m coming in for a landing.

There was this King

whop had everything and gave

his subjects power. Soem object,

others repent, but the good ones invest!

So don’t turn around and curse the ground

after you’ve been forgiven of your debt.

Don’t burn the bridges or you can’t return to town

forgive and forget (that’s the hard part)

How many times must I forgive him?

I’ve forgiven him seven times.

and then you tell me that you’ve forgiven me

at least seventy-seven times.

So I’m talking to a friend I met on the road

and he is saving money and saving time.

He gives me two candelsticks and a wallet full of grace

He kisses my cheek and we share a laugh,

Yes indeed, he set me free- Higher math.

BT Springs 3.13.12

Trust is hard-Embrace it

It always seemed to be an honorable profession this chore of writing. The story line, the inspiration to others, the poem, the lyric, the journalism. I’ve never made a lot of money at it and as a reporter for a local Village Voice type paper wrote about me, “He’s neither famous enough or weird enough.” So from business to arts, to media and through relationships as oppose to religion I have been in this trade since I was a child actor at Jones Beach Theater in New York. So as an actor I was in character, as a writer I worked hard to develop my character. “I want my writing to be judged by the content of my character.” Growing up in the 1960’s I heard that speech by Dr. King, like many of my reader’s parents. One thing that has been really getting at me is the words in red in the Bible. 5 little words and in context how they play out in Biblical times, in our time and to build a contextual bridge. Right before Jesus says something that will cut through religion, politics and relationships, he emphasizes the point with “I tell you the truth…” And my take? The truth is hard -Embrace it.”

It is filled with giving up childish things. Childish things can mean my two columns, my toys and equipment. Childish things are the Ring Dings opposed to the yogurt. They are the allegiances that are not part of God’s plan and design. Putting away childish things is to give a child a “cool cup of water” in the name of Jesus. The cool cup of ater is to bring a child up in truth. Our culture is full of “Adult” content. Poets and writers that can’t get a stronger word to rhyme use the F, S, and B words which are insulting their own intelligence. Truth brings maturity, correction takes humility, which leads to challenge that compells us to change. We can’t get better until we start to put the childish things away.

The difference between leading and mis-leading is leading with God’s word and in context, which brings truth to our character. Misleading is lying and creating stories that make the writer and the story teller into the hero of hios or her own stryline. Leading is telling the stories and showing Christ as the central figure in the living Word, the risen truth, and the light that helps us write in the dark.

Misleading is showing the toys,gadgets, the historic figures and blowing them up into something we can’t recognize to “god status” in our lives. We need to put this stuff away and as many a mom has said, “Use the brains the good Lord gave you” to write something that shines truth into our world. Our family nae is not our God. I took a pen name as BT which is how you pronounce my family name, “Beattie.” People ask what does BT stand for and depending on what the message is I tell them “Break Through,” “Be Truthful,” and “Be There” etc. Balancing the family name with good and evil, truth and correction is difficult. It’s part of putting childish things away and gaining perspective. Jesus said “Those who do my Father’s will are my mother, brothers and sisters.” That puts family into perspective doesn’t it?

The character that helps build bodies in 12 ways is not Wonderbread! The character that we follow and lead with in our hearts and in our minds is found in the “I tell you the truth” verses in the New Testament. I have been writing and trying to do what the Word says by studying, relating, and through outreach. That is why I write. It started out with journaling and it ended up in poetry. Matthew 10 is where Jesus sends the 12 disciples out to heal the sick, deliver the message, and even raise the dead. When rejected, “shake the dust of that town from your feet.”

I write this to tell you that I am giving up my two daily columns to pursue other work that will generate income and get better readership. I am putting childish things away and hoping that my work here will add to maturity. I start with “Truth is hard-embrace it.”

BT Springs 3.5.12

The content of our character

Have you ever thought of the human condition of so many people being habitual liars? Ronald Reagan likes to say “Trust but verify” in Russian when dealing with the Soviet Union. For evangelicals in a world of habitual liars this is where we need to be. Trusting but always verifying, telling the truth and defining what truth is.

Lies, truth and confessions

A liar must convince himself of the possibilities of the benefits to lie and justify crossing the line of truth. We are a culture made of liars that are often rewarded for it. Contrast that with the truth tellers who often wind up being punished for telling the truth. A liar’s chief motive is to delay consequence for an action or inaction. The prelude to the “Lord have mercy” version of the Kyrie is an admission to both the ‘sin of doing and the sin of failing to do.’ This is the human condition in thoughts, in words and in action. The Mass provides an out for the believer, to confess publicly that we are sinners. A liar will try to convince people that “what they are doing or refuse to do is not a sin.” They may be lying to you when they say that, but they first had to lie to themselves.

Wild Fires

There are countless examples where crimes have been committed against humanity that have become toxic dumping sites that are burning and eroding the backbone of truth in our cities. While the initial infraction was bad enough, the wildfire that burns out of control causes residual burns that are devasting to marriages, families, businesses and communities. Look at the financial scandals that were bad enough, but how lies spread through people involved. Divorce, suicide, bankruptcy and erosion of trust and accountability were the direct and indirect consequences to the initial infraction. Why? Fear is the answer. Corporate execs feared telling the truth about how their company was doing for fear of disgrace. Satan is alive and well and when people feel they have no way out, the prince of lies convinces the isolated to lie, because ‘no one could ever forgive a person as devious as you.’

The content of our character

One of the most important things that Martin luther King ever said was that he wanted his children to be judged by “the content of their character.” One of the cornerstones of a study, relationship and outreach idea that I will publish is “The content of our character.” Character starts with truth and the truth is defined as Biblical and the definition of Biblical truth is in the person of Jesus. Some 76 times Jesus Christ begins important teachings with “I tell you the truth…” While people may not understand who Jesus is, few would call him a liar. I believe that starting with Matthew 5:18 the quintessential truth is initiated in the midst of the “Sermon on the Mount.” “I tell you the truth,” Jesus begins.He continues with the choice that teachers of “religious law” were doing. They were teaching people how to break the commandments instead of teaching people to keep the commandments.

I tell you the truth

I’m just saying- I tell you the truth

and as long as we’re under this roof

Truth lives.

I’m not playing, I tell you the truth

and under this roof

the truth shall live.

1. Until the end of the world

until heaven and earth disappear

the truth will ring out- crystal clear.

not the smallest letter, or a stroke of my pen,

will erase the law from the books,

not even then.

I’m just saying- I tell you the truth

and as long as we’re under this roof

Truth lives.

I’m not playing, I tell you the truth

and under this roof

the truth shall live.


Don’t teach them how to murder

Don’t teach them how to steal

Don’t teach them how to slander or cheat,

No matter how you may feel.

Don’t justify the means

or you will come to a bad end,

loving God will find you

loving people as your friends.


I’m just saying- I tell you the truth

and as long as we’re under this roof

Truth lives.

I’m not playing, I tell you the truth

and under this roof

the truth shall live.

2.I’m just saying get right with your brother

Get right with your God,

Get right with all nations

Bring righteoussness abroad.

Don’t be like Pharisee’s

bringing people to their knees

without an ounce of repentance

without a chance of redemption

without a firm connection

to the truth.

I’m just saying- I tell you the truth

and as long as we’re under this roof

Truth lives.

I’m not playing, I tell you the truth

and under this roof

the truth shall live.

BT Springs 2.27.12

Finding love where you least expect it

This series is an answer to a very public love letter. It is from a missionary and while the letter is short in pages, it is packed full of defining love, corrective love and a challenging love that would die for you. This is both a disturbing kind of love but it is also reassuring. The letter writer is none other than the apostle John who was a very prolific writer. He spent a lot of time on an island where he had the chance to talk to God-a lot. If you read his other works you will find his account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; a detailed description of end -times in Revelation and three letters, one of which we in Denver are answering.

Fear not Denver
“There is no reason for fear in love; perfect love banishes fear.” How many times do we fear? Jason Gray, the singer songwriter sings “fear is easy, but love is hard.” Have you ever had a situation where you feared someone you loved? It could have been a parent, it could have been a spouse, it could be a sibling or someone you reached out to. It is easier to be fearful than to go all out in love, tough love or otherwise. “If we claim to love God,” John writes, “but hate our brother, we are liars.” This speaks to a lot of aspects that make people shake their heads when someone claims allegiance to Christ but is in the Neo-Nazi movement or the Aryan Nations, or shoots abortion doctors, or blows up buildings in Oklahoma City. Fear is easy but love is hard. I think of the tragic death of Alan Berg on Adams and Colfax in the early eighties. Terrorists who claim to love God but murder a man for talking, hating a man for what he believed, and planning acts of terrorism against your country are examples of the liars who claim to love God, do God’s work and hate people. Another example is the so-called church that holds up signs at military funerals that “God hates (name the group). They fear so they lash out in words and actions that show hatredm while claiming to love God. John calls them liars and God is not fooled by their motive which is fear. (1 John 4:17-21)

Parental love
Answering a challenging letter such as 1 John can bring up things in our culture that have damaged people but love heals all wrongs. “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is a child of God and to obey his commands; we love his children too.” God is like a parent that we could not have without being adopted. We were adopted at the cross, we were taken in at our hour of decision, and we will be taken in at the hour of our death here based on our capacity to love. When Jesus says “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself,” that command was the law in which we live on. For if we do those two things the rest fall int place. Our life is successful based on our ability and capacity to love. Denver would be a better city if those two command were obeyed. “The victory that defeats the world is our faith, for who is victor of the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” Are you ready for love in Denver? You can find it where you least expect it. (1 John 4:21-5)

Prayer Language- The Heart of the Psalmist

In prayer life we seldom reach a mind and heart experience. We are so many times “art” challenged even when we are gifted in that area. Dr. Gary Chapman has made a cottage industry from identifying the “love languages.” One thing I think that we should take into account is our Prayer Language. In interviewing some great songwriters in my time I have found that prayer and fasting is key to a successful project. From Dolly Parton to Fernando Ortega poetics in their songs most often come from their talks with God. There is a new website that allows for this kind of poetics to go on between writer and including God. And while our technology and our communication theories may change the communication process of including god in our joys and concerns, in our heart and in our art have remained the same since the psalmist!

The art of praying

When you are looking up (the poet prays)

your friends might look towards the light (today)

but the shade on the south side obscures the street

Though He fills the cup

the dog barks and bites

the bark can give a warning – the bite is less discreet

I’m traveling- skylines and farms

I hear the groans of ranchers up in arms

these are protests and seasons that net nothing

I’m singing skylines and prairies

riding taxies and ferries- home to you

and I’ve come a long, long way- with nothing to say…

Prayer languages

The psalmist is one part journalist, one part poet and one part prophet and still one part artist. There is something concrete and abstract to the prayer without naming names or consequences. Every summer I lead a group to pray and worship in Denver. We pray in front of building that house alternative lifestyles but I ask that God would send somebody who can be a messenger of love in the establishment that we are praying for. While people might want God to destroy the place, tear it down I think God has an analogy that is as powerful as our prayer language. pray that there will be someone who get inside the walls and offer people a different possibility. A new love language and thought process breeds a better understanding of where the people inside have come from. Think Planned Parenthood, or think gay bars, think escort services and think the prisoners in chains.

and when you’re looking down

your friends framed in the frost

the dark at sundown on the street

Though the nature breeds frowns

you can count the cost

we are short by dollars and around three feet.

and though you fill me up

we are looking for a light

but the shade is obscuring the street

I’m traveling skylines and farms

actors- up in arms

protests and seasons net nothing

I’m singing skylines and prairies

taxis and ferries lead me home-

I’ve come a long, long way- with nothing to say


and yet nothing yields one word on the page

as we watch a lonely boy come of age

there was something that told us how to pray

and somehow his rage- dissipates. I thought we had nothing…


Like journalism prayer is based on observations. We see wrong and we ask God. We can know what is right and thank God. prayer is an attitude. In many churches we ask people to be in an attitude of prayer. Pray for who, praying for what, where do we pray, when can we pray, why do we pray? You may have a totally different language to talk to God and it is as valid as mine. Just talk but address Him, thank him, voice your complaints and ask him for answers. He responds when we ask in His son’s name. So for me I pray all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ-Amen.

…and the people they are fed up

they fold their tents and vent their fear

we still breed contempt, or we ride the fence

but I’ve come a long, long way, with nothing to say.

How? Let me count the ways

Yesterday DEE covered the “5 W’s” as we get back to journalistic basics at My beat is evangelism in Denver, news on prayer and news on how to pray ( Denver’s media and arts, and the Front Range of Colorado. So many times in the last few years the approach has been to name-names and to expose wrongs in our world, that I was getting tired of reading the complaints and the problems. When a dead horse has been identified there is only so much exposure you can give the problem without it starting to smell. The who, what, where, when and why is a great rule of thumb for journalism and evangelism but the “how” is the what, that is in it for you.

Answering letters
The radio ministry of Focus on the Family aired a program that explained love. You may have seen the ad on the NFL playoff game that did the same thing. There were children explaining what John 3:16 means. This is the “how,” we hope for as journalists. To show that “God loves people living in Denver so much that He sent His son to sacrificially die so that people who believe in him will gain eternal life.” My prayer yesterday was connection. You and I have heard the verse so many times, we have seen the little guy behind the goal posts on National TV with the sign that reads: John 3:16. But how can we use this in everyday life?

How to read a love letter
People who love us write letters to us that often explain their feelings that they often have trouble with articulating. They are letters that show care and concern for us and there is real love behind the words. There may be correction in the letter and it may have a challenge for us in that relationship. Sometimes that motive helps us to change our mind and heart. There is a reset, a change that comes over us when we have a correctable spirit. marriages have been saved by a letter, people have redirected through business, and families because they got a letter. Letters when written in love gives the reader an opportunity to change.

How to answer love letters
In the coming days leading to Valentine’s Day there will be a series called “Answering love letters.” There are resources like the book “The Love Dare” and then we will hear from the best letter writers in history. We will step by step answer their love letters which define love. God loves Denver, he loves our neighborhoods and he loves people no matter where they have been, and what they have been through. In Denver and worldwide that is what evangelism is all about.

“This is the message you have heard from the beginning, we should love one another,” John writes in his letter known as 1 John 3:11.” The “How” is to love one another. Today as you drive past the billboards on 6th and Alameda, on the Interstates, Colfax and Colorado, or wherever you have to go count the messages that are crying out for love. They may seem invisible but we guarantee that there are people who are waiting for someone to answer their love letter.

The unedited life

I have lived an edited life

when rewritten, it all turns out right

and the rain is gone

and the political response

comes back clean. (there must be a cover up)

I have lived an edited life

white out and cross outs with no wipe outs to see

so the truth never comes to light (someone cleaned up the scene)

and this train I’ve been riding on

never derails- it never fails

and I arrive well dressed at the station.

and the stain I am sitting on

from the campaign trail- is never written

but something is missing in the translation

I have lived and edited life

just ask my wife- the prose are rewritten

I have dreamed unseemly dreams, muffled screams

but never bitten

and the strain of flu is gone

no one responds to the letter

and the sound is crystal clear

but there is fear

but it gets better

I wash my hands.

BT Springs