The Garage- Friendship for Men

It’s been ten years since the first edition of David’s Harp was published. Right before our country was attacked on 9-11 the book came out. As I come back to the concept of the Dead Sea Revival and new Frame that God has for all of us I think that the original was too specifically therapy for me and not enough Biblical, Systematic, and Evangelism for others. At this point of my life, I am ten years older. I have dealt with so much of the emotional, spiritual and wounds that the original work had. So here I am after a thorough review. The harp is gone, The King David portion edited out and so I want to meet guys in a place we often find ourselves when we need a fix.

The Garage

My personal garage is crowded with stuff that I have accumulated over the years. Furniture, scrapbooks, records, and old technology that still works. There’s stuff from my grown kids, there’s stuff from dearly departed family-members and there are things I don’t want to part with. In the last ten years we moved to a brand new house, we have gone from analog to digital, and from note cards to Facebook.  Yeah, there’s an analogy regarding the excess baggage, the pack-rats ad the stuff we don’t really want to deal with, but that is not the point of the garage. The garage I am referring to is the one that I pulled into because that grinding noise I hear is getting louder and I have a feeling it may be related to the light that came on a few months ago on my dashboard.

All the Parts

Everything that was in the orginal is still here in The Garage. There’s that ditty called Denial, I changed the environmental factors to the experiential  but now  after years of helping guys  with addictions the more appropriate term is escapism. “While God gives us a way out of temptation Satan offers us a way to escape into a death-trap.”  The anger section is also there and anytime you have been forced into the garage, anger is a real emotion. Pain at the pump tends to get us on the fast track to depression and that’s what I have called the Dead Sea which is the circular motion of  the grieving process with no way out. 

The Bridge

The Bridge is also there. The Biblical, the rehabilitation, the inside-out, the declaration, the place to “go: and the end as you cross to the new FRAME for your life.  As you cross over the bridge there’s a new structure that is found where the future is. The future that gives you a time to forgive, reconcile old accounts, accept what has happened, what is happening and the new assignment you gladly accept. There are times where you can make amends and a time to live an evangelical lifestyle and then there’s the questions and an answer that you will have to dig a little for. You see this is a time when you have a chance to forget what’s been done to you and instead remember what God has done to see you through. It’s a time of thanks for the living, and a time to begin to count on God’s promises for the future.  So come inside the garage, where there’s a few of us waiting for a fix. Let’s compare notes.

Richard Beattie



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