Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising

DENVER/COS – Just a few years ago we hit upon something that we didn’t really expect. We found that by placing radio commercials on streams of the top Clear Channel stations we could save our clients thousands of dollars by buying up inventory that was unsold; and reach more people than streams ever did before.This happens in New York; Detroit; Los Angeles; DC; Denver and Miami; Dallas and Seattle. By using this strategy our clients realized that the results of those campaigns had long lasting results and at 10 cents on the dollar. What’s even more surprising is that we developed a subscription service; added an online store and a ministry resource center that was part consumer review and a store that we co-op syndication dollars through small retainer fees versus commissions on product sold from the resource center. To find out how this works please call Richard Beattie 720.295.7713 or e-mail Go Spot Go is part of the new Truth Experience where we stream the next wave of Teach-Talk programs.


Friendship and fellowship come together on the front range

Friendship and fellowship come together on the front range

Richard Beattie
Special Needs Pastor
Consultant Rocky Mountain District

Richard Beattie is the special needs consultant for the Evangelical Free Church in the Rocky Mountain District. He has started 3 Friendship Fellowship Gatherings since 2010 with Ancient Paths Church Network and hopes to start 12 additional churches in existing congregations in 2012-2013. The vision is to train 20 Mentor/Guides each in 15 churches reaching 20 people with Intellectual Disabilities each in 15 churches. Pastor Rich is beginning a Friendship Fellowship Training Center in Colorado Springs where he will also be developing more Special Needs Pastors; Worship Leaders and Education Directors. E-Mail Pastor Rich at for a consultation. You may call him at 719.268.4821.
Friendship Fellowship
Special Churches for people with Special Needs