Forgive and forget

When I read this I think of the opportunity that I have had and have been given by someone who has forgiven me. Read Matthew 18 21-35. Higher math indeed!

The content of our character is to get this concept of higher Math in our lives. It ain’t natural! This forgiveness to infinity. We have been wronged, do we seek revenge? Or do we do what the word says? My gut tells me to get the “pound of flesh” but my Lord tells me, to forgive and forget.

This isn’t preaching, this is self conviction. The rejection of forgiveness makes you wonder if it is worth it and Christ says it is in the long run. If you are a person who wants to be judged by the content of your character as I know I want to be, you’ll start forcing yourself to forgive people. The best way is looking at the infractions that you have had and wanted to be forgiven. You longed for the spouse who divorces you to forgive that sin you committed against him or her. You hoped to go to your father and mother and reconcile your childish grudge and you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. And even in money matters, when someone has ripped you off, forgive them of the debt. Most times we can’t do it on our own time or power, Christ has to do it for you. Forgive and forget.

Grudges are the kind of thing that puts the unforgiving in chains. In the story of the king who forgave a debt, the servant turned around and threw a a guy who owed him money in debtor’s prison. When the King finds out he throws the servant who he had forgiven into debtors prison.

Jesus ends that story by saying, “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.”
Higher Math

It’s morning time

Daylight saving

lost some sleep

from the road you’re paving for me

I’m free

Saw an old friend

turned enemy

caught his glance through the doorway

he just glares at me

He ripped me off, and I was his boss

now I’m free.

How many times must I forgive him?

I’ve forgiven him seven times.

and then you tell me that you’ve forgiven me

at least seventy-seven times.

How convenient! This equation

when I’m in this situation

make me cry, make me laugh

but this is higher math!

So I walk this old country road

back to a place and time

when I wronged a righteouss man

and committed the crime-but he looked at me

He set me free- Higher math.

And I hope you get the jist of the story

and I hope that you will understand

that I can’t stop the hurt I’ve caused

but I can claim the land. I’m coming in for a landing.

There was this King

whop had everything and gave

his subjects power. Soem object,

others repent, but the good ones invest!

So don’t turn around and curse the ground

after you’ve been forgiven of your debt.

Don’t burn the bridges or you can’t return to town

forgive and forget (that’s the hard part)

How many times must I forgive him?

I’ve forgiven him seven times.

and then you tell me that you’ve forgiven me

at least seventy-seven times.

So I’m talking to a friend I met on the road

and he is saving money and saving time.

He gives me two candelsticks and a wallet full of grace

He kisses my cheek and we share a laugh,

Yes indeed, he set me free- Higher math.

BT Springs 3.13.12


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